The Run Survey module of Engage Survey will allow you to launch, monitor, and manage a survey campaign with the aid of a comprehensive checklist wizard, and to close the survey when done and publish the survey results in the analytics dashboard.

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Launching the Survey Campaign

Launch a survey campaign with the aid of a comprehensive checklist wizard that will verify among others that you are using a valid survey questionnaire, survey participants have been selected, survey communications configured, and that test survey links have been emailed and use to test the survey questionnaires.

Using a Public, Kiosk or Data Capturing Survey Link

Once the survey has been launched, different types of survey links can be accessed and used (in addition to emailed survey links):

  • Public survey links that can only be used once on a particular device by a respondent;
  • Kiosk survey links that can be used multiple times on shared PCs;
  • Data capturing links to capture paper-based survey responses; and
  • Excel file with unique survey links that can be forwarded via SMS or uploaded via the HR system or an employee app.