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Employee Engagement

Diagnostic engagement survey to measure, identify and isolate the factors that drive or inhibit engagement within every demographic and level of your organization

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Engage Enterprise Platform

Enterprise software-as-a-service engagement platform to mobilize leaders at all levels with the data, insights and understanding to drive sustainable engagement

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Inclusion model

Diversity & Inclusion

Measure, diagnose and address the extent to which the work environment and social context in your organization empower and establish trust with employees

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sustainable employee engagement

noun an organizational way of life where employees are committed to organizational goals and do more than what is required of them to help achieve those goals



Mindset assists organizations to increase employee engagement over the long term, sustainably. This we do by empowering managers and employees at all levels with the necessary data, tools, and know-how to own and drive employee engagement, leading to a happy, productive, and innovative workforce that drives performance and revenue.




Get the data you need in to understand what motivates and frustrates employees at all levels of your organization

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Analyze, understand and act on the issues that impact employee engagement across teams and demographics

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Expert recommendations and ready-to-run employee engagement solutions to help you drive engagement programs

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data: measuring engagement

noun facts and statistics about how your organization operates, what it values, how it perceives culture, and what motivates and frustrates employees at all levels



Flow@Work employee engagement model

Employee Engagement

Mindset’s scientifically validated Flow@Work™ employee engagement model has been engineered as a diagnostic instrument to not only measure the level of employee engagement at your organization, but also to isolate the issues that drive or inhibit engagement at every level of your business

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Diversity & Inclusion

Mindset’s Inclusion@Work™ diversity and inclusion model measures the degree that everyone, and especially members of minority groups, feel drawn in and encouraged to participate by the social dynamics within the organization

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Inclusion@Work diversity & inclusion model



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tools: engage enterprise platform

noun software components that enable you to administer surveys, analyze data, take action, deliver training and make employee engagement an organizational way of life



The Engage enterprise platform has been specifically designed to make provision for the management, sharing and administration of both survey models/campaigns and user-access rights across multi-tiered organizations of any complexity and geographic spread:

  • The System Administration and System Support roles will provide designated individuals with full administrative control over the entire system – from importing or editing employee lists and multi-level organisational structures, to controlling survey models/campaigns at any level of the organization and assigning access rights/roles.
  • Management roles can be assigned to users at any level of the organization, and will allow them to access or edit one or more business units, analyze their survey results via the Engage ANALYTICS platform, and to view the best-practices recommendations for their business unit(s) via Engage INSIGHT.

  • Survey models can be centrally edited and controlled at organizational level and selectively shared or cascaded to downstream business units for use in employee or pulse survey campaigns, or they can be decentralised so custom surveys can be administered at any sub-unit level.


Engage PERSONAL individualized engagement reports

Provide every member of your organization the opportunity to take charge of their engagement journey with personalized feedback and recommendations designed to support them with the information they need to make a difference in their work life

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Personalized employee engagement report



Employee engagement survey

Engage SURVEY diagnostic and pulse surveys

Create your own custom or pulse surveys, or use our statistically validated Flow@Work™ employee engagement survey to effortlessly measure all aspects in the organization that have an impact on engagement, with feedback automatically mapped back to your organizational structure

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  mindset57 The Engage software-as-a-service engagement product suite is hosted on Amazon Web Services in Ireland for convenient access from anywhere  



Engage ANALYTICS advanced reporting and insights

Access your survey results the moment the survey is done. View the issues that have the biggest impact on employee engagement, see how your organization’s results compare against benchmarks, and track your progress over time. Use advanced analytics to segment, filter, and analyze employee feedback across business units and demographics to uncover and target the issues that matter

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Employee engagement analytics dashboard



Employee engagement best practices insights

Engage INSIGHT best-practices recommendations

Empower managers at all levels with the understanding to address the issues that their teams face through best practices recommendations developed by a team of organizational psychologists and data scientists. Customize and align the recommendations with your organizational culture and HR practices, and include existing learning content for delivery right where it’s needed

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know-how: sustainable engagement

noun practical knowledge, skill or expertise necessary to drive effective and sustainable employee engagement, designed to address the key issues facing your business


Engaged Organizational Experience™

Mindset’s Engaged Organizational Experience™ methodology has been specifically designed by a team of organizational psychologists and data scientists to help organizations instil engagement with the minimum effort as an organizational way-of-life.

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Engage Organizational Experience


Engage Organizational Experience

Advisory & Consulting Services

Mindset’s Consulting Partner network of Organizational Psychologists and HR Practitioners can assist and support you with your engagement initiatives and survey campaigns in a number of ways.

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Get the full picture of employee engagement, translate feedback into actionable insights, mobilize managers to drive engagement 

Why Mindset

Mindset Management specializes in software-as-a-service (SaaS) employee engagement solutions that help organizations drive people engagement on a sustainable basis. At enterprise, team and individual level. By empowering leaders

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