Engage 360 Overview

Decentralize and embed engagement as a way-of-life in your organization

Equip and empower leaders and employees throughout the organization with the necessary developmental feedback, insights, and real-time analytics to take action that will improve engagement at all stages of the employee lifecycle

Embed engagement

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Run engagement, wellbeing or custom surveys and pulses

Drive the employee experience with diagnostic surveys, eNPS reviews and targeted pulses, with real-time analytics and best-practices insights at organization and team level (more...»)

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Really listen to your employees – from onboarding to exits

Optimize the employee experience at all stages of the employee lifecycle with automated pulses, continuous listening, and real-time feedback that triggers actions (more...»)

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Develop your talent with 360-degree assessments

Drive performance and develop your talent with behavioral, developmental, and 360 leadership assessments, with automated feedback reports and aggregate analytics dashboards (more...»)

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Map assessment/survey data to your organizational structures

Run and analyze assessments and surveys according to your org structure or alternate reporting lines, agile teams & more (more...»)

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Build your own presentation-ready feedback reports

Interactive report editor to build attractive, rule-based feedback reports for organizations, cohorts, or individual employees (more...»)

Mindset clients

Organizations: enhance the employee experience with data-driven insights

Powerful and flexible employee feedback platform for enterprises of all sizes – collect and analyze feedback from different organizational perspectives, and decentralize engagement by empowering leaders and employees with data-driven recommendations and insights

Mindset partner

Consultants: diversify your services, grow your markets, increase your revenues

Amplify your consulting business by deploying and managing your assessments and surveys via the Engage EX platform, and delight your clients with a professional and technology-enabled service with automated reports and data-driven insights that drive business outcomes

  mindset57 The Engage EX software-as-a-service product suite is hosted on Amazon Web Services for convenient and reliable access from anywhere  

What our Clients say of us...

"Momentum Metropolitan has partnered with Mindset Management since 2020 to provide us with a survey platform and tools to support our organization. We have been using the Engage EX platform as well as Engage Lifecycle product to measure key constructs in the business. The support from the Mindset team in ensuring all functionalities are setup and enabled, as well as continued support on queries from users and leaders, has been phenomenal. Thank you Mindset Management for a great partnership!"

Dr. Cecile Benade
Organizational Effectiveness Lead

What our Partners say of us...
Alinda Nortje
Founder/Executive Chairperson

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Provide world-class survey solutions with real-time analytics and insights

Run engagement, diversity and wellbeing - or your own - surveys with Likert, NPS and other types of survey questions. Benefit from advanced, real-time analytics with AI-driven thematic and sentiment analysis. Get data-driven insights and best-practices recommendations at organization, team and demographic level (see example…»). Provide all your survey respondents with individualized feedback reports.

Demo version of the analytics dashboard (desktops only)


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Enterprise 360 platform to develop leadership and drive performance

Use any of the hosted 3rd party assessments, or build your own personality, psychometric, and 360 assessments, with a streamlined 360 workflow and automated feedback reports (see example…»). Provide login access to colleagues and consultants to view assessment reports, and to export any report to PDF. Analyse aggregate assessment data and open-ended comments in the advanced analytics dashboard.

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Assessment platform

The Engage EX Platform
Take data-driven action on employee feedback and automated pulse surveys and build a better workplace
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Engage EX Platform Engage 360 Overview

Overview: Engage 360
Multi-rater assessments with custom reports for employee reviews and leadership development
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lifecycle surveys

Drive engagement and wellbeing at all stages of the employee lifecycle

Integrate with your HR system via API to automatically trigger user-defined lifecycle pulse surveys, and take data-driven action on real-time employee feedback as they happen, with automated rule-based escalations. View, filter and analyze survey results via different sets of reporting lines or at business unit, team and demographic levels.

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Embed engagement holistically as a way-of-life in your organization

Base your engagement strategies and action plans on data-driven best-practices recommendations derived from the statistically validated Flow@Work engagement survey. Provide leaders at all levels with the developmental 360 leadership feedback necessary to drive engagement. Empower your employees to take action with individualized personal engagement reports (see example…»).

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Virtual & Hybrid Structures
Administer and analyze surveys and assessments via multiple virtual and hybrid organizational structures
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Engage EX Virtual Structures Holistic engagement

Mindset's Holistic Engagement
Drive and embed engagement holistically as a sustainable way-of-life in your organization
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virtual structures

Map survey results to organizational structures of any complexity

Empower managers to drive change by providing them with survey and assessment results that are mapped down to team level, no matter how complex the organizational structure may be. Create alternate virtual structure views of different sets of cross-functional reporting lines, or group employees with drag-and-drop ease into agile networks of project teams, focus groups, training classes, and more.

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Powerful report editor to build attractive, fully-automated reports

Create custom survey, assessment and 360 reports with your own branding, images and logos. Develop feedback reports for assessees and coaches, and aggregate reports at cohort, business unit and organizational levels. Apply rule-based logic to survey and assessment data to include contextual insights, learning content and dynamic images in your reports (see example…»).

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Enterprise assessments

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Mindset's People Solutions that Drive Change

Mindset Management specializes in SaaS-based assessment, 360, and employee survey solutions that help organizations drive employee engagement and productivity on a sustainable basis. At enterprise, team and individual levels.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about the Engage EX assessment and employee survey platform, or if you want us to provide you with more information regarding our Mindset Partner program for HR and OD consultants.

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