Mindset's Holistic Engagement Approach

Embed engagement sustainably as a way-of-life in your organization

Mindset’s Holistic Engagement Approach has been scientifically designed by a team of organizational psychologists and data scientists to help organizations transition from what Bersin refers to as Engagement 1.0 (top-down annual surveys) to the more decentralized Engagement 3.0 (focus on behavioral change)

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Holistic Engagement
Drive and embed engagement holistically as a sustainable way-of-life in your organization
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Engage EX Platform Engage 360 Overview

Overview: Engage 360
Multi-rater assessments with custom reports for employee reviews and leadership development
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Create an Engagement-friendly and Meaningful Workplace

  • Use statistically validated diagnostic engagement surveys to identify and isolate the issues that impact engagement at an organizational, leadership and at team level (more about the Flow@Work engagement survey) 

  • Craft engagement strategies and action plans that are based on data-driven observations, insights and best-practices recommendations developed by a team of industrial psychologists

  • Address all facets of engagement at business unit and team level – from an engagement-aligned culture and relationships at work, to an enabling work environment

  • Do follow-up remeasure surveys at least annually for comparison and benchmarking purposes and to update your engagement strategies and action plans

Make your Employees part of the Engagement Journey

  • Provide all survey respondents with personalized engagement reports with best-practices recommendations based on their confidential survey responses (Personal Engagement Report...»)

  • Make engagement a talking point at all levels by empowering your employees to take ownership of their own engagement

  • Adapt and align the feedback reports with your HR practices, and include learning content where required

  • As a bonus, increase survey participation rates by positioning personalized feedback reports as both an incentive and a reward for participating in the survey

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Mobilize and Empower Leaders to Drive Engagement at Team Level

  • Decentralize engagement by mobilizing leaders at business unit and team level to track and drive engagement with data-driven insights and best-practices recommendations

  • Reinforce leadership behavior and address areas of concern or underperformance with positive Continue and actionable Improve insights

  • Use targeted pulse surveys to monitor the levels of engagement over time and to track the efficacy and outcomes of interventions at business unit and team level

  • Embed learning material and online content that reflects your organizational culture and HR practices as the basis for contextual, just-in-time learning opportunities

Equip Leaders with 360 Reviews to Effectively Drive Engagement

  • Provide leaders with developmental 360 feedback regarding the 11 leadership dimensions and 3 leadership behaviors that have a direct impact on engaged leadership effectiveness (more...»)

  • Analyze the aggregate assessment data in the analytics dashboard to identify skills gaps and developmental opportunities at individual, team and organizational level

  • Use your org structure as the basis to auto-populate 360 rater lists and to administer and track the completion of 360 assessments, with unlimited raters per assessment

  • Customize the leadership assessment model and feedback or coaching reports (see example...) to reflect your organizational culture and HR practices


Mindset's Holistic Engagement Approach - from the Organizational Work Environment, down to individual Employees, Leaders and Teams

Holistic engagement

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