Expert Advice from our Consulting Partner Network


Our network of Organizational Psychologists and HR Practitioners can assist and support you with your engagement initiatives and survey campaigns in a number of ways – from adapting or designing custom survey models, to analyzing and interpreting survey results, developing engagement, diversity or inclusion strategies, and change management support.




survey design

Adapt the Flow@Work™ (engagement) or Inclusion@Work™ (diversity and inclusion) surveys, or develop custom employee and pulse surveys





Analyze and interpret your survey results to recommend appropriate interventions and targeted actions that will drive sustainable change




applied content

Adapt Engage INSIGHT's rule-based best-practices recommendations so they are aligned with your organization's HR practices


Human capital & OD practitioners - contact us for more information regarding our Partner program


Scroll down for a list of Consulting Partners, or Contact Us for an introduction to one in your area



Become a Mindset Consulting Partner

Create new revenue streams, leverage your exiting customer base, and penetrate new markets by providing them with value-added consultancy and implementation support services built around Mindset’s Engage platform:

  • Leverage your existing customer base by providing them with additional, value-added services

  • Create additional revenue streams by targeting new markets and clients with expanded consulting and services offerings

  • Benefit from the Engage survey platform with advanced analytics and demographic analysis

  • As a value-add, provide your clients with custom report designs and learning content aligned with their HR practices

  • Create and publish your own custom survey models and report designs and license them for use by select clients

  • Use a Partner-branded version of the Engage platform to manage your client accounts and user access rights

Consulting Partner

Consulting Partner

Provide your clients with consulting and survey advisory services, while Mindset takes care of the implementation and administration of the employee surveys 

Certified Partner

Certified Partner

In addition to consulting services, implement and administer employee surveys on behalf of your clients, with Mindset as your technical backup

Content Partner

Content Partner

Publish your own survey models and report designs on the Engage platform, and license them via the platform to other Consulting Partners and clients

Publishing & Licensing Surveys

Content Partners
apply their deep industry knowledge and domain expertise to develop specialized survey models and industry-specific solutions that are bundled with their own survey questionnaires and custom survey reports.


partner create share model


Content Partners can elect to publish their survey models on the Engage platform for use by any of their clients. They can also selectively license survey models for use by specific clients, or to other Consulting or Certified Partners at an additional fee as determined by the Partner concerned.

Mindset’s Network of Consulting Partners


Mindset’s Consulting Partner network can provide you with the survey administration and consulting support that will drive change in your organization. Please Contact Us for an introduction to one of our Consulting Partners or if you want more information about our Consulting Partner program.


Human capital & OD practitioners - contact us for more information regarding our Partner program


Contact Us for an introduction to a Mindset Consulting Partner in your area


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