Report Editor to build Fully-automated Reports

Interactive report editor to build presentation-ready, rule-based survey and feedback reports for organizations, cohorts, or individual employees

Create custom survey, assessment and 360 reports with your own branding, images and logos. Apply rule-based logic to survey and assessment data to include contextual insights, learning content and dynamic images in your reports. Consultants: package your assessments and surveys with your custom questionnaires and reports and license them via the Engage EX platform, with guaranteed protection of your intellectual property.

Overview: Engage Assess
Administer and analyze surveys and assessments via alternate hybrid and virtual organizational structures
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Engage Survey Overview Engage EX Report Editor

Engage EX Report Editor
Overview of the Engage EX platform’s powerful Report Editor for personalized feedback and assessments
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Assessment reports 

Create Feedback Reports at Individual, Cohort and Organizational Level

  • Develop your own feedback and coaching reports for personality, behavioral and developmental assessments (see DISC example…»)

  • Compare employee perceptions of their own performance against 360-degree feedback of their managers, colleagues, team members, and customers via custom 360 assessment reports (see 360 example...»)

  • Provide all survey respondents of engagement, diversity & inclusion, or any other survey, with personalized, rule-based feedback reports (see survey report example...»)

  • Use cohort reports to combine and compare the assessment results of cohort and team members, and to compare cohort averages against the organizational benchmark (see cohort report example...»)

  • Automatically identify trends, patterns and opportunities at team, business unit and organizational level with advanced, aggregate reports (see aggregate report example…»

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Do a FREE DISC assessment and view your own profile report ASSESSMENT

Automate your Reports with Rule-based Logic and Embedded Content

  • Create custom assessment and 360 multi-rater reports with your own branding, color schemes, logos and images for assessees, coaches and consultants

  • Interpret survey and assessment responses with automated, rule-based logic to include contextual recommendations, coaching advice, or dynamic images and diagrams in your reports

  • Adapt assessment and survey reports to reflect an organization’s HR practices and culture, and embed contextual learning content and links to online resources in individual, team-level and organizational reports

  • Access and view all reports instantly online via the Engage EX platform, and create PDF versions of any report at the touch of a button (download PDF example…»)


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