Enterprise Assessment & 360 Platform

Administer, view & analyze assessments according to multiple organizational and hybrid structures

Recruit, develop and optimize your organization’s talent with your own personality, behavioral and 360 developmental assessments, with rule-based feedback and coaching reports that reflect your organizational culture and HR practices

Overview: Engage Assess
Administer and analyze surveys and assessments via alternate hybrid and virtual organizational structures
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Engage Survey Overview Engage 360 Overview

Overview: Engage 360
Multi-rater assessments with custom reports for employee reviews and leadership development
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Powerful Assessment Platform for Organizations and Consultants

  • Adapt or create your own custom assessment models with branded questionnaires and rule-based assessment reports

  • Inclusive assessments that can be completed on PCs or mobile devices

  • Add, include and monitor assessees individually or in bulk with drag-and-drop ease, with automated invitation emails

  • Real-time participation dashboard to track and manage the completion of assessments and send reminders

Assessment platform

DISC personality assessment

Experience the Engage EX Platform with a DISC Personality Assessment

  • Online DISC personality assessment that uses advanced algorithms to translate the responses to 18 assessment questions into a powerful DISC Profile Report (see example...)

  • The DISC Profile Report uses rule-based logic and dynamic diagrams to identify the respondent's specific DISC profile and to summarize the main traits that ‘set the tone’ for his/her professional and social style

  • Organizations can map the assessment results to their organizational structures and view or analyze aggregate assessment data via the real-time analytics dashboard

  • Contact us to do a FREE DISC assessment to see the Engage EX assessment platform and assessment questionnaire in action and to generate your own DISC profile report

Develop your People and Manage their Performance with 360 Reviews

  • Compare employee perceptions of their own performance against 360-degree feedback from their managers, colleagues, team members and customers

  • Intuitive multi-rater workflow with automated rater nominations, manager review/sign-offs and custom, rule-based feedback reports

  • Analyse the aggregate assessment data in the analytics dashboard to identify skills gaps and developmental opportunities at individual, team and organizational level

  • Use your org structure as the basis to auto-populate 360 rater lists and to administer and track the completion of 360 assessments, with unlimited raters per assessment 

Assessment platform

Engaged leadership

Engage Leader 360 – Equip Leaders to Effectively Drive Engagement

  • Diagnostic leadership assessment that leverages the Flow@Work engagement model to help leaders effectively drive and sustain engagement amongst their team members

  • Provide leaders with developmental 360 feedback regarding the 11 leadership dimensions and 3 leadership behaviors that have a direct impact on engaged leadership effectiveness (more...»)

  • Options of multi-rater leadership feedback reports (see example...») or detailed coaching reports that highlight the leader’s unique leadership strengths and developmental opportunities

  • Auto-populated 360 rater groups via the organizational structure or alternate virtual structures, and analyze aggregate data at business unit level in the analytics dashboard

CONTACT US Contact us for more information or a quote for assessment bundles

Do a FREE DISC assessment and view your own profile report ASSESSMENT

Manage and Administer Assessments at Enterprise Level with Ease

  • Map and manage assessments according to your organizational structure, or group assessees into arbitrary teams, focus groups or business unit hierarchies (read more…»)

  • Use the powerful analytics dashboard to track assessment responses in real-time and to view and analyze the aggregate assessment results at business unit and demographic level

  • Provide managers with login access so they can view individual team member’s coaching reports as well as aggregate, team-level assessment and survey results

  • Employees/team members will get their own login credentials so they can access and view their assessment reports at any stage

Enterprise assessments


Virtual & Hybrid Structures
Structuring and updating your employee data in preparation for employee surveys and assessments
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Engage EX Virtual Structures Engage EX Report Editor

Engage EX Report Editor
Overview of the Engage EX platform’s powerful report editor module for personalized feedback and assessments
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Assessment reports 

Adapt or Create your own Custom Assessment and Survey Reports

  • Create custom, rule-based assessment and survey reports for assessees, coaches/consultants or aggregate reports at team or business unit level (more about the Report Editor...»)

  • Use your own branding, colors and logos, and include your own images and contextual interpretations and recommendations

  • Adapt assessment and survey reports to reflect an organization’s HR practices and culture, and embed learning content where required

  • Consultants: package your assessments and surveys with your custom questionnaires and reports and license them via the Engage EX platform, with guaranteed protection of your intellectual property

  mindset57 The Engage EX software-as-a-service product suite is hosted on Amazon Web Services in Ireland for convenient and reliable access from anywhere  

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