Trial Licenses & License Fees

Find the product plan that is right for you – from a free trial license for up to 30 employees, to licensed versions for single baseline surveys or unlimited surveys, pulses and insights. Either do-it-yourself with our pre-packaged solutions, or let us run the surveys on your behalf, with professional assistance or consulting support as needed.


Trial Licenses for Free Surveys

Use the Engage platform to configure and administer any of our scientifically designed surveys to measure engagement, inclusion, or wellbeing at no cost for up to 30 respondents. Create your own custom employee and pulse surveys or adapt one of our survey models, import an employee list or business unit structure, and do any number of employee and pulse surveys, with full and unrestricted access to the advanced analytics dashboard. At no cost.

Trial Licenses to Prepare Client Surveys

Mindset Partners can use a free Trial License to prepare the Engage platform for a survey at a prospective client – import the client's employee list (any number of employees), adapt one of our scientifically designed survey models to reflect the client's culture – or create a custom survey, edit the survey communications and add logos as required, and send out test survey links so the client can test and sign-off on the survey – and all this at no cost.

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Get started by registering a Foundation Plan trial license for a survey of up to 30 employees


Upgrading from Foundation to Premium or Enterprise Plan

Want to upgrade from an entry-level Foundation Plan license to a more comprehensive Premium Plan license or even an Enterprise Plan? A license can at any time be upgraded – you will get pro-rata credit for the remainder of your existing license term when the upgraded license kicks in. The upgraded license will be valid for 12 months from the date of the upgrade.

for Engagement 1.0

Pre-configured, out-of-the-box survey solution to diagnose, analyse and address the issues that impact engagement and inclusion in your organization


Single baseline survey with 12-months unrestricted access to the advanced analytics dashboard

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Engage Enterprise platform:

  • Engage Survey to define or edit a survey model, with user-defined demographics (e.g. age, gender) and multi-level hierarchy support

  • Engage Analytics drill-down dashboard with advanced analytics, filtering and comparative reporting

  • Engage Personal individual engagement feedback and reports for all online Flow@Work respondents

  • Engaged@Way-of-Work and Inclusion@Way-of-Work diagnostic survey models to measure engagement, diversity and inclusion

  • Access to Mindset's Partner survey models to measure among others engagement, diversity and inclusion

  • Unrestricted access to training tutorials and how-to videos

  • Full administrative control, including edit/view access per product module for managers to multiple business units

  • Free 24-hour email support and optional technical survey assistance or Service Level Agreements


for Engagement 2.0

Empower managers at all levels to drive engagement and inclusion with unlimited diagnostic and pulse surveys and best-practices recommendations


12-months subscription license with unrestricted access to the survey, analytics and insight products

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All features included in the FOUNDATION PLAN plus:

  • Virtual Structures to run and view your surveys via multiple or alternate organizational structures

  • Engage Survey for unlimited engagement, culture and custom employee surveys

  • Engage Survey for targeted and ad hoc pulse surveys

  • Engage Insight for contextual insights and best-practices recommendations for managers

Optional advisory and consulting services:

  • One-on-one survey strategy and design

  • Data analytics review and observation report of Flow@Work survey results


for Engage Lifecycle

Effectively measure, track and take appropriate action on real-time employee feedback at each stage of the employee lifecycle


12-months subscription license with unrestricted access to the survey, analytics, insight & lifecycle products

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All features included in the PREMIUM PLAN plus:

  • Track lifecycle survey responses at individual employee level – from recruitment and onboarding to exit

  • Aggregate and filter lifecycle responses at business unit and/or demographic level

  • Differentiate between employees and pre-employment candidates (recruits)

  • Configure exception triggers to automatically escalate feedback from employees and candidates

  • Automated SFTP integration with HR systems to trigger targeted lifecycle pulse surveys (API interfaces to be quoted)


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