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IEC is a full-service Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consulting firm. Since 1988 we have assisted Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, universities and not-for-profit organizations create, assess and manage diversity in their workplace.

Our IEC DEI Survey is the cornerstone of our assessment services. Our survey was designed to provide organizations the comprehensive data they need to lay a strong foundation for their DEI efforts. Our survey has been used to launch the DEI programs of scores of public and private-sector organizations.

Our Survey Model

free to grow engagement modelThe IEC DEI Survey solicits a broad spectrum of information from employees and managers across 14 subscales (i.e. a group of questions that, together, assess an issue).

To develop the instrument we conducted research on DEI and on ways to affect change in organizational cultures. We used the information gathered to develop the questions that comprise the subscales. All of the questions and subscales were reliability tested to ensure they accurately measured the identified issue.

The result was a comprehensive survey that is efficient, cost effective and above all, accurate.

Powered by Mindset Management

We partnered with Mindset Management to take advantage of their powerful survey platform. The Mindset platform allows our clients to:

  • benchmark their culture with a validated DEI survey instrument;
  • continuously track changes in their culture on a customized dashboard;
  • isolate and analyze data for hundreds of combinations of demographics;
  • generate powerful analytics; and
  • produce visually appealing and informative reports.

Six Phase Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Process

The IEC DEI Survey process will give you meaningful insights into the perceptions of your employees and their experiences within their workgroups. It is the most complete DEI feedback system we have ever deployed.

Six Phase Process

Through the IEC and Mindset Management partnership DEI leaders can spend their time focusing on their strengths (i.e. providing strategic leadership) knowing that the data they need to make informed decisions is just a mouse click away.

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