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More about the Mindset management team and the story behind Mindset

Mindset specializes in SaaS-based employee survey and engagement solutions that help organizations drive people engagement on a sustainable basis. At enterprise, team and individual level. By empowering leaders.


The Mindset Story

Mindset was born out of frustration with the inability of existing employee engagement solutions to deliver anything more than top-level feedback to executives, and with the frequent failed initiatives intended to change leadership behavior that instead collected dust on a shelf. This frustration lead to Johan Poolman teaming up with Dr Dieter Veldsman to develop the Flow@Work employee engagement model, which ultimately morphed into a team of HR tech and startup veterans, industrial psychologists, software engineers, and data scientists who share the common belief that organizations can truly drive sustainable employee engagement - provided they are given the right data, tools, and know-how.

With this as our focus, Mindset is now an international team with big plans, and our vision has not changed: we still believe that driving sustainable engagement requires the right information, in the right hands, at the right time. Follow our story as we continue to grow, driving innovation and helping to build workplaces that we as employees - and as people - would be proud to be a part of.

Management Team

Vincent Smith
Vincent Smith

President / CEO

HR tech and startup veteran, driver of international marketing, channel development & partner relationships. And developing the business in-between.

Roy Fletcher
Roy Fletcher

Partner & Client Relations

Terminally curious, problem solver and dreamer of growth – and the custodian of partner and client relations and fruitful conversations that drive results.

Shaun de Villiers
Shaun de Villiers


Experienced software architect tasked with keeping everything digital safe and happy. Responsible for 82.7% of the techno-babble in the office.

Liezl Poolman
Liezl Poolman


Experienced manager and certified in ITIL, responsible for managing the product life cycle and operations. And getting the Mindset Partners up to speed.

Shaun de Villiers
Maggie Mojapelo

HR Advisory

Change management strategist, human resources professional, facilitator and speaker who steers transformational direction for leading blue-chip brands

Johan Poolman
Johan Poolman

Product Experience

Resident administrator and main protagonist for all matters product strategy and design, icons and office parties. And some admin and content of course.

I/O Psychology Research & Data Science

Dr Dieter Veldsman
Dr Dieter Veldsman

I/O Psychology & Research
Thought Leader

Organizational psychologist responsible for all things related to human behaviour and people analytics research. Loves storytelling and abstract things that only he understands.

Prof. Dr. Llewellyn E. van Zyl
Prof Dr Llewellyn E. van Zyl

I/O Psychology & Data Science
Chief Solutions Architect

Positive organizational psychologist and data-scientist that’s fascinated by building data-driven, technology infused solutions that help individuals flourish and organizations thrive.

Dr Jeremiah Martin
Dr Jeremiah Martin

I/O Psychology & Data Science
Research Expert

International in-house I/O analytics and data science guy who solves squishy problems with hard numbers.

Why Mindset

The people who work for your organization are spending a significant portion of their life with you. How they experience their work influences the level of effort they put in, and how willing they are to do whatever it takes – in other words, it dictates their level of engagement. Decades of research back up how mission-critical high employee engagement is to organizational success. Why, then, is getting this right so deviously difficult that overall engagement levels haven’t really changed in the past decade?

We at Mindset believe that it actually isn’t difficult - it's just a question of understanding human nature and focusing on the things that matter most. It turns out that great compensation, benefits, and rewards, while important, are secondary drivers of engagement. The most important facets, the things that drive the most out-sized ROI by far, are helping all employees to understand the part they play, and guiding managers and leaders to improve their relationships with their teams. In short, helping them manage better, listen better, and lead better.

Mindset delivers a powerful, scientifically-validated engagement solution that transforms employee feedback into critical business insights, which in turn guide managers at all levels to manage and lead better, based on real-time business data. Better decisions are made, better leadership and management skills evolve, the workforce feels more valued, and engagement as an organizational way of life takes hold. It is self-sustaining, self-reinforcing, and the well-documented returns of high employee engagement are realized when put into practice and carried out in the right way.

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