Employee survey & engagement platform
Mindset Engage EX

The most powerful and cost-effective employee engagement platform available

Mindset's Engage EX platform has been scientifically designed to empower your employees and leaders from the bottom up to improve engagement, productivity and retention with real-time data and data-driven insights

Teams 200 Engage EX is Microsoft Teams certified for use with employee and pulse surveys


Scientifically Crafted  |  Real-time Analytics  |  Actionable Insights

Enterprise employee engagement platform

Engage your employees and improve the employee experience

Measure engagement at scale at all stages of the employee lifecycle to take data-driven action that will drive change where and when it matters (read more...»)

Engagement survey model

Benefit from scientifically
designed engagement models

Use or adapt our statistically validated engagement or inclusion survey models to reliably isolate and address the real issues that drive engagement (read more...»)

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Unlock the full potential of your workforce with the most advanced holistic employee engagement solution on the market (read more...»)

Step 1: An engagement-friendly work environment

Use the scientific Flow@Work™ engagement survey to diagnose and address the real issues that inhibit or drive engagement

Step 2: Involve and empower all your employees

Inspire your employees with personalized engagement reports to take ownership of their own engagement (try it out...»)

Holistic sustainable engagement

Step 3: Empower leaders at all levels to take action 

Provide managers and leaders with best-practices recommendations and actionable insights to drive and improve engagement 

Step 4: Change leadership habits and behavior

Equip managers with the leadership skills to take ownership and drive engagement in their business units or teams

Holistic Engagement
Drive and embed engagement holistically as a sustainable way-of-life in your organization
(5.33 minute YouTube video)

Engage EX Platform
Real-time engagement analytics

Track engagement metrics with advanced, real-time analytics

Analyze and compare survey results in real-time at business unit, team and demographic level to really understand what inhibits or drives engagement (demo dashboard...»)

Real-time engagement analytics

Structure surveys to include employees and seasonal workers

Dynamically run and analyze surveys according to your organizational structure, alternate reporting lines, temporary project teams, temporary workers and more
(read more...»)

360 leadership assessments

Align leadership behavior with developing highly engaged teams

Build effective leadership behaviors with developmental 360-degree assessments and automated, rule-based feedback reports for individuals and cohorts (see example...»)

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Engage EX

The Enterprise Engagement Platform that drives Change

Equip and empower leaders, managers and teams with organization-wide feedback and actionable insights to increase engagement, productivity and retention. Can you think of a good reason why you should not be talking to us?

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