The Client and Mindset Partner Onboarding section will provide you with guidelines, reading material, step-by-step instructions and training tutorials that will help you to get going with a successful survey campaign. Most of the onboarding content is public and available elsewhere on our Resources site and can be viewed by anyone. Some of the content, however, such as the Excel Take-on files or Price Calculators, are restricted, and can only be viewed or downloaded by registered Clients or Mindset Partners after having logged in.

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1. Understanding more about Surveys

This section will provide you with (1) essential reading material and context regarding the steps necessary to plan and run a successful survey campaign, and (2) introduce you to survey models as the basis of both diagnostic and pulse surveys, and will show you how survey models can be cascaded and shared between different parts of the organization.

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Additional Resources


Mindset Management
website and homepage


resource start

demo version of the analytics dashboard (desktop only)


resource guide

demo version of the analytics dashboard (desktop only)

slide engage model4

Read more about the
employee engagement approach and survey models


resource start

Read more about the
diversity & inclusion approach and survey models

Engage EX Videos


Engage EX Platform

(3.33 minute YouTube video)
Overview of the Engage EX Platform
Take data-driven action on continuous employee feedback and automated pulse surveys and build a better workplace


Engage Analytics Dashboard Overview
(7.46 minute YouTube video)
Introduction to Engage ANALYTICS
An overview of Engage ANALYTICS – your advanced, drill-down analytics dashboard for actionable insights

Engage Survey Overview

(5.30 minute YouTube video)
Introduction to Engage SURVEY
An introduction and overview of Engage SURVEY – your gateway to engagement as an organizational way of life


Virtual Structures
(5.54 minute YouTube video)
Working with Virtual Structures
The innovative approach to structuring and updating your employee data in preparation for an employee survey in the new way of work


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