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engage platform2Capture/import and maintain employee lists, organizational structures and user access and edit/view rights
(more )

engage platform2Define/import and maintain engagement or custom survey models, administer employee and pulse surveys
(more )

engage platform2Filter, compare and analyse survey results over time and at business unit and demographic level, create PDF reports
(more )

engage platform2Provide managers at business unit level with contextual insights and rule-based best-practices recommendations
(more )

Engage EX Videos

Engage EX Platform
(3.33 minute YouTube video)
Overview of the Engage EX Platform
Take data-driven action on continuous employee feedback and automated pulse surveys and build a better workplace

Engage Analytics Dashboard Overview
(7.46 minutes)
Introduction to Engage ANALYTICS
An overview of Engage ANALYTICS – your advanced, drill-down analytics dashboard for actionable insights

Engage EX report editor
(3.58 minute YouTube video)
Engage EX Report Editor
An introduction and overview of the Engage EX platform’s powerful report editor module for personalized feedback

Engage Survey Overview
(5.30 minutes)
Introduction to Engage SURVEY
An introduction and overview of Engage SURVEY – your gateway to engagement as an organizational way of life

Virtual Structures
(5.54 minutes)
Working with Virtual Structures
The innovative approach to structuring and updating your employee data in preparation for an employee survey in the new way of work

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