Copy a Survey Template

Part 3 menu template

Survey templates are ready-to-use survey models that are made available by Mindset and its Partners that can be used as the basis for a new survey model. Survey templates can be copied and used as-is, or can be customized and changed to reflect the organization’s culture and work environment.

Survey templates fall into three groups:

  • Mindset’s @Way-of-Work series of engagement and other templates – Mindset’s statistically validated and scientifically researched series of @Way-of-Work employee engagement, diversity and inclusion and other survey models are bundled where appropriate with Engage INSIGHT best-practices recommendations and the custom Engage PERSONAL reports for online survey respondents, and can be used freely and at no cost.
  • Free templates – templates of survey models made available by Mindset and its Partners that can be used freely and at no additional cost.
  • Licensed templates – proprietary templates of survey models made available by Mindset and its Partners that are subject to licensing fees as determined by the Partner concerned. Click on the Buy button to enquire about the licensing arrangements for a particular survey model.

Part 3 template2

To create a survey model based on a template, simply select a template from the list and click on the Copy button. Then enter a name for the new survey model in the dialogue window that will be displayed, and select the business unit owner of the survey model from the Business Unit dropdown. The survey model will be associated to the selected business unit, and can be edited by anyone with appropriate editing rights for that particular business unit. Select Organization if the survey model is going to be used organization-wide. See Sharing Survey Models for more on owning and sharing survey models.

Part 3 template name

Click on the OK button to save it. The Edit survey model work area and a number of sub-menu items in the side panel will be displayed:


  • Constructs/questions – define or edit survey constructs (themes or topics) and their related survey questions. The survey results of individual survey questions will be grouped and shown as part of a survey construct in the Engage ANALYTICS dashboard (see Constructs & Questions);
  • Diagnostic survey – define or edit the default diagnostic online survey questionnaire layout for the survey model (see Survey Questionnaires);
  • Pulse surveys – define or edit one or more pulse survey questionnaire layouts for pulse surveys which use one or more survey questions from the survey model (see Pulse Surveys);
  • Communications (Mindset Partners only) – edit the email templates for the invitation and reminder emails to participants (see Survey Communications);
  • Survey settings – choose whether to share a survey model, whether a progress bar and mandatory question message should be displayed on the online questionnaire pages, and more (see Survey Settings);
  • Benchmarks – select one or more benchmarks (if available) for the current survey model (see Survey Benchmarks);
  • Publish (Mindset Partners only) – make the survey model available as a survey template to one or more clients (see Publish Survey Templates).

Making changes to a copy of a survey model

The survey questions of a survey model that is copied from a survey template will be highlighted with a yellow lock symbol (see image below) - as a visual cue that these questions come from a survey template that was copied. The question text of such questions can be edited (e.g. replace 'organization' with 'ACME Corporation') without affecting the lock symbol. You can also add additional survey constructs and/or survey questions without affecting the lock symbols on the other questions.

Flow locks

If, however, you delete a question with a lock symbol, or move it to a different construct, the lock symbols on all the questions will be removed. This does not invalidate the survey model that you have edited in any way; it just tells you that the current survey model is no longer an exact copy of the original survey template - which might be important from a statistical validity point if view if you have copied, for instance, a survey template such as the Engaged@Way-of-Work engagement survey which uses 42 statistically validated survey questions.


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