Share Survey Models

A survey model – whether newly created from scratch or copied from an existing survey model or template – is “owned” by the business unit where it was created. In the diagram below, Model A belongs to the Organization, and Model B belongs to Division C.

The owner of a survey model can edit the model as required. The owner can optionally share a survey model by making it available as a survey template to other business units downstream, i.e. business units that report directly or indirectly to the owner of the survey model.

Share model1 

Survey models that have been shared downstream as survey templates can be copied for use in a survey campaign. Such copied survey models will belong to the sub-unit where it was copied to, and can be edited and changed as required. This will be particularly useful in larger organizations where some of the divisions may want to create their own versions of a shared survey model.

In the diagram below, Model A has been copied and edited by Division A, in effect creating a new Model A-1 – which was then again shared as a survey template with the downstream business units. Sub-units, such as Dept 2 in the diagram, can then copy and edit the template to create their own version of the survey model. Any business unit can also create their own custom survey models from scratch (Model C) – which can optionally again be shared downstream.

Share model2 

Please note that survey models that have been copied from a shared survey template will not be linked to the original (parent) survey model anymore, so changes that are made to the original survey model will not be reflected in any copied versions of the survey model. Survey templates that have been shared by the originator will, however, always be updated with any changes that are made to the original parent version of the survey model that was used as the basis for the template.

Mindset Partners who have created their own survey models – whether an edited version of a survey template or a new survey model that was created from scratch – can elect to publish their survey models for use by any of their clients. They can also selectively make survey models available for specific clients.


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