Part 3A configure menu

The Configure menu will allow you to select or change the survey campaign settings as well as the planned dates for the survey campaign. Please note that some of the settings cannot be changed once the survey campaign has been launched and the survey has started. 

Part 3B settings

Part 3C plan

  • Survey model – select the survey model to be used in the campaign.
  • Questionnaire – select the related survey questionnaire (diagnostic or pulse survey) that will be used for the survey campaign.
  • Email survey links – select this option if you want the system to automatically send survey emails with unique survey links to all selected employees with valid emails.
  • Generate survey link file – select this option to enable the Excel download function after the survey has been launched. This function will allow you to create an Excel file with unique survey links for all employees with unique identifiers (emails or employee numbers) so they can be forwarded via other means (e.g. SMS or via the HR system) to the intended survey participants (see Using a Public, Kiosk or Data Capturing Survey Link under Manage a Campaign for more on this).
  • Planned survey dates – set the planned dates for the survey to start, the planned date for the first reminder emails to be sent out (reminder emails can be sent out any number of times), and the planned date for the survey to end. To ensure user control over the launch of the survey and any subsequent survey-related activities, the dates will not automatically trigger any survey-related activities and should be used only for planning purposes. 
For more information, click on a sub-menu item at the top of the page⇑ or in the right margin

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