Part 5A Comms menu

The Communications menu item will allow you to capture or edit the email subject heading and content for the survey invitation and reminder emails. Click on the edit button (pencil icon) to edit the invitation or reminder email subject headings and content: 

Part 9A edit

The text editor will be loaded:

1. Subject heading (compulsory) – add a subject heading for the invitation and reminder emails. Please note that subject headings are compulsory; the system will not send out invitation or reminder emails without subject headings.



Auto-populate fields (survey link compulsory) – insert where required fields that will be automatically filled-in with relevant information when the email is sent:

  • Survey name – name of the survey as defined when a survey campaign is created, e.g. Engagement survey 2019.
  • Partner name – name of the Mindset Consulting Partner (if applicable).
  • Client name – name of the licensed client.
  • Employee name – preferred name of the survey participant.
  • Survey link (compulsory) – include either the Survey Link or the Survey URL that the survey respondent can click on to complete the online survey. The Survey Link option will add a button image to the email, while the Survey URL option will add the full https:// link that the survey respondent can click on to complete the online survey.

    sample links  
  • System admin email – email address of the client’s system administrator so survey respondents know who to contact for enquiries or first-line support.
3. Content area – text to provide context for the survey and to motivate the addressees to participate in the survey.
4. Editor ribbon – edit the layout and formatting of the content text.
5. Save – click on the Save button to save the email subject heading and content.

Part 9B editor

The editor ribbon will provide you with full control over the layout and formatting of the text: 

Part 7K text editor

For more information, click on a sub-menu item at the top of the page⇑ or in the right margin

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