Part 4A participants menu

The Participants menu item allows you to select the business units and/or individual participants for either an employee survey or a pulse survey from the employee list (see Manage Participants for more on capturing or editing the employee list). 

No participants will by default be selected. Click on the top item (next to the organization’s name) to select and include all the employees in a survey campaign – as shown in the screen below:

Part 4B select all

To select only specific business units or employees for the survey, clear the current selection by unselecting the check box at the top (next to the organization’s name), and then select the business units and/or employees who should be included in the employee or pulse survey by clicking on the check boxes next to their names.  

Part 4C select partial

The number of employees who have been selected will be shown in the last column of the table, and will be totaled per business unit and for the overall organization.

For more information, click on a sub-menu item at the top of the page⇑ or in the right margin

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