Update Virtual Structure

The idea behind the Virtual Structure mechanism is to provide you with a way to edit or define your own custom versions of your organizational or business unit structure without having to make any changes to your Actual Structure – since all changes that you have made to your Actual Structure will be overwritten the next time you import an update from your HRIS. Updates to employee records (e.g. new employees, resignations, transfers) can now be uploaded via Excel to your Actual Structure without overwriting any of your custom structures, with your Virtual Structures instead getting updated automatically as outlined below:

virt struc update  

  • Deleted employees will be automatically removed from all Virtual Structures;
  • Business units in a Virtual Structure that are linked via unique codes to business units in the Actual Structure will automatically be updated with new or transferred employees;
  • Other types of Virtual Structures (e.g. Focus Groups) will be updated via advanced updating algorithms (e.g. cohort analysis) and will provide you with the option to View, Accept or Discard any such changes.


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