The Engage ANALYTICS dashboard is a powerful, interactive analytics tool that will provide you with the insights necessary to drive culture, engagement and retention at all levels of your organization. The dashboard will allow you to:

  • View and track survey participation and responses in real-time;
  • Segment, sort and analyze your survey data to get down to the real issues that matter;
  • Filter and compare survey responses for any demographic, department, region or team in your organization;
  • Drill down to review or interpret survey responses on an individual survey question level;
  • Compare survey results to previous surveys or to benchmark data; and
  • Create custom PDF reports of any segmentation of survey data.

Product Modules

The Engage ANALYTICS dashboard has 7 main modules or menu items:  

1 Summary of Survey Results menu heatmap

Aggregate survey results at organizational as well as business unit level, including top/bottom scoring survey questions and results per demography.

2 Visualizing data with a Heatmap menu heatmap

View and compare the survey results of regions, departments and teams (business units)

3 Survey Model & Questions menu questions

Birds-eye view of the survey model – drill down to explore the survey results of individual survey questions, grouped per survey dimension or construct.

4 Text Analytics menu text analytics

View, sort and search open-ended qualitative responses and comments according to topics (themes), sentiments or keywords.

5 Comparisons of Survey Results menu compare

Compare the survey results – per survey dimension or construct and question – of any demographic permutation and/or region, department and team.

6 Survey Participation Data menu participate

View the survey participation rates and demographic breakdown for the organization overall as well as for the different regions, departments and teams.

7 Pulses & Trend Graphs menu participate

View trend graphs of diagnostic and pulse survey results as well as the detailed pulse survey results and participation data of one or more pulse surveys.


Engage How-to Videos

Website SURVEY overview
(5.30 minutes)
Introduction to Engage SURVEY
An introduction and overview of Engage SURVEY – your gateway to engagement as an organizational way of life

Engage ANALYTICS dashboard overview
(7.46 minutes)
Introduction to Engage ANALYTICS
An overview of Engage ANALYTICS – your advanced, drill-down analytics dashboard for actionable insights

Virtual Structures
(5.28 minutes)
Working with Virtual Structures
The innovative approach to structuring and keeping your employee data up to date in preparation for an employee survey


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