3. Excel Take-on File

The Excel Take-on file can be used as a template to gather all the information necessary to configure and run an employee survey, including:

  • Survey campaign data – client name, logos, survey campaign name, start and end dates.
  • Organizational structure – down to the level at which the survey results should be grouped and displayed in the analytics dashboard.
  • Employee list – names and emails and optional demographic data of employees to be included in the survey.
  • Demographic breakdown – list of demographic categories and the parameters per category.
  • Survey model – a breakdown of survey constructs and questions.

To receive the latest versions of the Excel Take-on files, please send an email to Mindset Support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and clearly state whether the Take-on is required for one of Mindset's survey models or for a custom survey.

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Structuring Employee and Business Unit Data

Prepare an Excel file with employee details (e.g. name, email) and demographic data (e.g. age group, gender) grouped according to a business units hierarchy that reflects your organizational structure.


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