Virtual Structures

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The Virtual Structures menu item in the side panel will allow you to create or edit any number of temporary or permanent alternate (virtual) views of the organizational structure - in effect allowing you to view, compare and analyze your survey results according to different user-defined lenses. See Using Virtual Structures for more on the benefits, use and application of Virtual Structures.


Please note that the Virtual Structures module is only available for users with a Premium Plan license.


The Virtual Structure module will allow you to:

  • Create New/Open - create a new Virtual Structure, or load/open an existing Virtual Structure for updating or editing purposes.
  • Edit Virtual Structure - add or edit business units, group business units into hierarchies, include business units and/or employees from your actual organizational structure, and assign managers where required.
  • Virtual Structure Surveys - use a Virtual Structure in a diagnostic or pulse survey, and view survey responses through different Virtual Structure lenses.
  • Update Virtual Structure - view the employees of linked business units that have been auto-updated, or selectively update employees with the aid of the auto-updating algorithm.


Virtual Structures
(5.54 minutes)
Working with Virtual Structures
The innovative approach to structuring and updating your employee data in preparation for an employee survey in the new way of work



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