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The Virtual Structures menu item in the side panel will allow you to create or edit any number of temporary or permanent alternate (virtual) views of the organizational structure - in effect allowing you to view, compare and analyze your survey results according to different user-defined lenses. See Using Virtual Structures for more on the benefits, use and application of Virtual Structures.

Please note that the Virtual Structures module is only available for users with a Premium Plan license.

The Virtual Structure module will allow you to:

  • Create New/Open - create a new Virtual Structure, or load/open an existing Virtual Structure for updating or editing purposes.
  • Edit Virtual Structure - add or edit business units, group business units into hierarchies, include business units and/or employees from your actual organizational structure, and assign managers where required.
  • Virtual Structure Surveys - use a Virtual Structure in a diagnostic or pulse survey, and view survey responses through different Virtual Structure lenses.
  • Update Virtual Structure - view the employees of linked business units that have been auto-updated, or selectively update employees with the aid of the auto-updating algorithm.
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