The Engage EX platform has been specifically designed to make provision for the management, sharing and administration of both survey and assessment models/campaigns and user-access rights across multi-tiered organizations of any complexity and geographic spread.

  • The System Administration and System Support access roles will provide designated individuals with full administrative control over the entire system – from importing or editing employee lists and multi-level hierarchical organisational structures to defining and controlling survey models and survey campaigns at over the organisation. They can also assign Managers and Business Unit Admin roles to select employees at any level of the organisation – with the latter having restricted edit or view access to one or more designated business units.
  • Management roles can be assigned to employees at any level of the organization, and will allow them to edit or view their business unit structures and employee lists, to view their survey results via the Engage ANALYTICS platform, and to access the best-practices recommendations for their business unit(s) via Engage INSIGHT. Managers can be assigned to manage either a specific business unit, or any arbitrary combination of business units in a matrix structure or project team context.
  • Survey models can be centrally edited and controlled at organizational level and selectively shared or cascaded to downstream business units for use in employee or pulse survey campaigns. The editing and management of survey models can also be decentralised to lower levels so models can be adapted or custom employee and pulse surveys can be created at divisional and business unit level. The data from survey campaigns that were based on shared survey models will be consolidated at organizational level so survey results can be analysed and viewed across business units, time and demographics.
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