Engagement levels amongst most of our clients have been steadily improving over the past 5 years. The best way to maintain this trend over time will be to make sure that engagement is addressed holistically, from all relevant stakeholder perspectives, i.e. individual employees, managers/leaders, business units/teams, and ultimately the overall organizational work environment – with the focus on getting leaders to change their behavior and to take action (as Bersin describes it in Employee Engagement 3.0 – From Feedback to Action).

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Engage Assess’ brand new 360 multi-rater module will allow you to compare employee’s perceptions of their own performance against feedback from their managers, colleagues, team members, and even customers.

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What a mouthful. First, let me expand on the acronyms so that we have a shared understanding from the beginning of this article. ESG stands for Environmental Social and Governance frameworks and SME stands for Small, Medium Enterprises. I will expand on an approach/ argument that SME’s could take when faced with the realities that ESG presents in the current market.

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Introduction to Mindset’s employee wellbeing survey model, and an overview of the new language support functionality for the Engage EX platform – which makes provision for the character sets of more than 240 languages and dialects.

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Overview of the Engage EX platform's report editor for personal feedback, as well as a bit of context behind the platform's name change.

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