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Overview of Engage SURVEY

is powerful and flexible diagnostic and pulse survey management system, which will enable you to configure and administer engagement or custom employee or pulse surveys. The product is particularly suited to wide-ranging employee-type surveys where survey results are to be quantified and used as the basis for further analysis and filtering via the Engage ANALYTICS drill-down dashboard.




The Engage SURVEY product has four main modules or functions:


1 Load Survey Participants Insight 001

Load, import, capture and/or edit the details of everyone who should – or could potentially – be participating in an employee or pulse survey, and where they fit into the organization. Define or edit an individual’s role and login access rights.

2 Edit Survey Questions Insight 002

Copy, create, or edit one or more diagnostic or pulse survey models, with each survey model comprising a number of survey questions and one or more survey questionnaire layouts.

3 Create a Survey Campaign Insight 003

Create a diagnostic or pulse survey campaign by combining any arbitrary selection of participants with a survey model and survey questionnaire, and specify the start, reminder, and closure dates for the survey. Send test emails with survey links to select individuals, and track the completion.

4 Run a Survey Campaign Insight 004

Start the survey campaign with the help of an automated checklist, and monitor and manage survey participation and sampling errors in real time. Send reminder emails to non-responders, and close and publish the survey when done.

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