Engage SURVEY diagnostic and pulse surveys

employee & pulse surveys made easy


Create your own custom employee or pulse surveys, or use our employee engagement, diversity & inclusion or wellbeing surveys to effortlessly measure all aspects in the organization that have an impact on employee performance and wellbeing, with feedback automatically mapped back to your organizational structure.

To protect the anonymity of survey respondents, please note that - subject to the survey model's settings - the analytics dashboard will not display the survey results of business units and sub-units with fewer responses than the anonymity threshold of minimum 4 survey responses. The anonymity threshold will apply to cases where a business unit and/or demographic filter have been set, and will impact all graphs and tables where survey scores are displayed, such as the Engagement Indicator scores for the Age demographic category on the Summary page.


Powerful, multi-level hierarchy editor

Manage your survey participants with ease – no matter how complex your organizational structure may be:

  • Capture or import a list of employees with optional demographic data (age, tenure etc.), and use drag & drop editing to easily maintain;

  • Support for flat lists or multi-level hierarchies, as well as off-system employees (temporary or casual workers), with survey results mapped accordingly;

  • Send out individualized emails with survey links to all participants, or a public survey link that anyone can complete;

  • Create virtual or hybrid structures to run surveys and to analyze survey results from different viewpoints and alternate perspectives (more...»)

  • Allocate manager or system administrator roles to select employees, and monitor and manage login access and password resets.


Engage SURVEY diagnostic and pulse surveys - survey participation

Engage SURVEY diagnostic and pulse surveys - survey questions

Run anonymous custom & pulse surveys 

Create any number of survey models with related online questionnaire layouts and survey communications:

  • Customize one of our scientifically designed engagement, inclusion or other survey templates, or create your own survey model from scratch;

  • Use the powerful wizard to auto-generate a survey questionnaire, or design your own layout with your own logos, branding, and text;

  • Define default survey invitation and reminder email content with embedded survey links;

  • Decide how you want to include demographic attributes in the survey, with total anonymity for all survey respondents if required;

  • Consulting Partners can publish and license their own surveys to select users via the Engage platform.


Full support for PCs and mobile devices

Create survey campaigns by combining a survey model with any permutation of participants:

  • Select any permutation of employees and/or business units for an organizational or targeted pulse survey, or run the survey through a virtual structure;

  • Schedule the start, closure and reminder dates, and make final changes to the survey communications;

  • Send out test emails with survey links to selected testers, and track their completion progress (test survey emails delivered, opened, and completed);

  • Full support for paper-based surveys as well as kiosk survey links for use on shared PCs and mobile devices.


Engage SURVEY diagnostic and pulse surveys - survey campaigns

Engage SURVEY diagnostic and pulse surveys - survey participation dashboard

Real-time survey participation & results

Monitor in real-time the progress and participation rates of your survey campaigns, and view the survey results in the analytics dashboard:

  • Track in real-time the survey emails sent, opened and rejected, as well as survey participation mapped to individual business units (with sampling errors);

  • Forward a URL link of the survey participation dashboard to anyone so survey progress and participation can be monitored in real-time;

  • Send out reminder emails with survey links to everyone who hasn’t responded to the survey yet;

  • Resend individual survey links, reset survey responses, or add/remove individual survey participants while the survey is running.



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Website SURVEY overview

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