engage PERSONAL individualized engagement reports

individualized engagement reports


Make employee engagement a talking point at all levels of the organization by providing – as an option – your employees with their own individualized engagement reports. Our research suggests that this type of feedback instigates ground-level conversations amongst employees about engagement and the culture of their organization – with the result that engagement becomes in effect part of their daily dialogue, driving lasting change.


Engage PERSONAL individualized engagement reports


Take a look Click here to see it in action and to generate your own personal engagement report (mobile & desktop)


The individualized engagement reports will provide your employees with tangible recognition that no one’s challenges within the organization are unimportant. These reports will help to:

  • Improve survey participation rates by incentivizing and rewarding your employees for participating in the survey;

  • Empower your employees to take ownership of their relationship with their managers or supervisors;

  • Provide targeted feedback to help everyone understand where they are in their personal engagement journeys; and

  • Sensitize your managers to the impact they have on the engagement levels of their direct reports.