Engage ANALYTICS advanced reporting and insights

advanced analytics for actionable insights


Powerful, drill-down survey analytics dashboards that will allow you to filter, compare, and analyze employee feedback across time, business units, and demographics.


Translate employee feedback into insights

Understand the trends in engagement from the biggest picture to the smallest detail:

  • Employee feedback and survey results are mapped to business units according to the organizational structure;

  • Convenient print/PDF-ready summary reports of survey results, including top/bottom scoring survey questions and scores per demographic;

  • Deep-dive into the survey results by setting filters for any combination of demographics and business units.


Engage ANALYTICS advanced reporting and insights - demographic and business unit filters

Engage ANALYTICS advanced reporting and insights - heatmaps and comparisons

Identify & target the issues that drive change

Compare, segment, and analyze the survey results in a number of different ways:

  • Side-by-side comparisons of survey question scores per business unit and demographic;

  • Compare against previous surveys or the organization’s baseline data, or against benchmark data to see how your organization stacks up;

  • Generate heatmaps of survey scores per survey dimension, business unit, and demographic.


Add depth, context, and understanding to your surveys

Powerful text analytics functions to deal with open-ended and free-format feedback and responses:

  • View or generate PDF reports of open-ended survey responses per survey construct, sorted according to keyword frequency;

  • Filter the responses according to business units and demographics;

  • Conduct keyword searches with partial or exact matching.


Engage ANALYTICS advanced reporting and insights - text analytics and wordcloud

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