Engage ANALYTICS advanced reporting and insights

advanced real-time analytics for actionable insights


Advanced, drill-down survey analytics dashboard that will allow you to filter, compare and analyze employee feedback and survey results in real-time (while a survey is still running) across time, business units, and demographics.

To protect the anonymity of survey respondents, please note that - subject to the survey model's settings - the analytics dashboard will not display the survey results of business units and sub-units with fewer responses than the anonymity threshold of minimum 4 survey responses. The anonymity threshold will apply to cases where a business unit and/or demographic filter have been set, and will impact all graphs and tables where survey scores are displayed, such as the Engagement Indicator scores for the Age demographic category on the Summary page.


Translate employee feedback into insights

Understand the trends in employee engagement from the biggest picture to the smallest detail:

  • Employee feedback and survey results are mapped in real-time to business units according to the organizational structure as captured or defined when setting up the survey;

  • Convenient print/PDF-ready summary reports of survey results, including top/bottom scoring survey questions and scores per demographic;

  • Deep-dive into the survey results by setting filters for any combination of demographics, business units and engagement levels, e.g.  all Male respondents in the 21 - 26 age group (demographics) who work in either the Finance or Marketing departments (business units) and who fall in the Disengaged group (engagement level).


Engage ANALYTICS advanced reporting and insights - demographic and business unit filters

Engage ANALYTICS advanced reporting and insights - heatmaps and comparisons

Target the issues that drive change

Compare, segment, and analyze the survey results in a number of different ways:

  • Side-by-side comparisons of survey question scores per survey dataset, business unit, and demographic;

  • Compare against previous surveys or against survey results imported from other survey platforms, or against benchmark data to see how your organization stacks up;

  • Full confidentiality and anonymity for all survey respondents – no survey results will be displayed for any business unit with less than 4 responses;

  • Generate advanced color-coded heatmaps  based on the survey scores per business unit - for any combination of survey constructs and survey questions, and add a demographic filter to display the survey results according to selected demographic attributes.


Add depth, context, and understanding

Use the powerful text analytics function to gain insights into the meaning of open-ended and free-format (qualitative) comments:

  • Filter qualitative (open-ended) survey responses and comments according to business units, demographics and/or engagement levels;

  • Apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to identify the common topics, themes and sentiments (emotional tone);

  • List or sort open-ended comments according to their relevancy or sentiment scores, and do keyword searches within topics;

  • View keywords in a word cloud or sorted according to keyword frequency, and do advanced keyword searches with partial or exact matching.


Engage ANALYTICS advanced reporting and insights - text analytics and wordcloud


Virtual structure filter


View results from multiple perspectives

View your survey results from different historical or structural perspectives:

  • Survey results will by default be mapped and shown according to the way the organization was structured at the time when the surveys were conducted (historic view);

  • As an alternative, survey results can be mapped and viewed according to the latest version of the organizational structure (current view);

  • Survey results can in addition also be shown according to one or more virtual structures, even if the virtual structures were created after the surveys were completed.


Get started

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Engage ANALYTICS dashboard overview

Watch a video: Introduction to Engage ANALYTICS
(7.46 minutes)


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