The Engage Enterprise Software Platform


Mindset’s Engage enterprise platform provides you with the listening tools and advanced analytics dashboards to translate employee feedback into actionable insights that will drive engagement, culture and inclusion in your organization

platform edit modelUse or edit any of the scientifically designed survey models to measure engagement or inclusion, or create your own diagnostic and pulse surveys

platform analyseAnalyse and compare your survey results and track your progress in the advanced analytics dashboard at demographic, business unit and team level

platform map resultsMap survey results to your organizational structure, no matter how complex, and provide managers with edit or view access at business unit level

platform actionHelp managers take action on their survey results with best-practices recommendations at individual, business unit and team levels

The Engage employee engagement software product suite comprises of:

  • Engage SURVEY – zero in on the issues that drive engagement and culture through diagnostic and pulse surveys (more... »);

  • Engage PERSONAL – embed employee engagement at all levels of the organization by helping employees understand and address the issues that affect their level of engagement (more... »);

  • Engage ANALYTICS – use the powerful, interactive analytics tool to visualize, segment, and analyze survey data and open-ended responses so you can get down to the real issues that matter (more... »);

  • Engage INSIGHT – provide managers at all levels with a better understanding of what drives employee engagement in their business units, why it is important, and what they can do to make a difference (more... »).


Employee engagement - Engage Survey

Employee engagement - Engage Personal
Employee engagement - Engage Analytics
Employee engagement - Engage Insight

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  mindset57 The Engage software-as-a-service engagement product suite is hosted on Amazon Web Services in Ireland for convenient access from anywhere  



Website SURVEY overview

Watch a video: Introduction to Engage SURVEY
(5.30 minutes)


Engage ANALYTICS dashboard overview

Watch a video: Introduction to Engage ANALYTICS
(7.46 minutes)