The Engage Software Platform

noun software components that enable you to administer surveys, analyze data, take action, deliver training and make engagement an organizational way of life


Mindset’s Engage software-as-a-service engagement platform will help you to mobilize leaders and employees at all levels of the organization to drive sustainable engagement in an engagement-friendly work environment

The Engage software product suite comprises of:

  • Engage SURVEY – zero in on the issues that drive engagement and culture through diagnostic and pulse surveys (more... »);

  • Engage PERSONAL – embed engagement at all levels of the organization by helping employees understand and address the issues that affect their level of engagement (more... »);

  • Engage ANALYTICS – use the powerful, interactive analytics tool to visualize, segment, and analyze survey data so you can get down to the real issues that matter (more... »);

  • Engage INSIGHT – provide managers at all levels with a better understanding of what drives engagement in their business units, why it is important, and what they can do to make a difference (more... »).



engage SURVEY diagnostic and pulse surveys engage PERSONAL individualized engagement reports
Engage ANALYTICS advanced reporting and insights
Engage INSIGHT best-practices recommendations


  mindset57 The Engage software-as-a-service engagement product suite is hosted on Amazon Web Services in Ireland for convenient access from anywhere  


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