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Only 35% of employees believe their organisation’s employee survey will result in change. While 60% of the Fortune 500 companies who use employee surveys, reported being worse off after the survey than before. Source: Gallup

free to grow engagement model marginFor employee engagement to be sustainable it must be approached deliberately, shaping a culture where employees have an emotional connection to the organisation and are committed to contributing their best. Culture, however, cannot be forced - it needs to happen in the hearts and minds of people. To help your employees make the behavioural shifts required to embed engagement as a ‘way of life’, it is important to gain a clear picture of their engagement levels and commitment to the organisation’s success.

As specialists in the field of culture and employee engagement, our methodology, approach and solutions have been tested and fine-tuned over 26 years, across 34 countries and 1 350 organisations. Based on local and international research and best practice, our Culture & Engagement Survey is a comprehensive tool that provides critical insights into the levels, indicators, and drivers of engagement. This information produces an in-depth picture of the engagement landscape - an important first step in closing the gap between the current and desired culture in your organisation.

Our Approach to Engagement

Employee engagement has two facets:

  1. Emotional Engagement: The extent to which employees feel a positive connection with the organisation, care about the future of the organisation and are prepared to put in discretionary effort to help it succeed, and

  2. Rational Engagement: The extent to which employees believe that the organisation and its leaders care about them and have their wellbeing at heart. This relates to perceptions of the working environment the organisation creates.

Through extensive research, we have identified the key drivers that most impact both facets of engagement. This model provides a useful framework for organisations to ensure that their engagement efforts are structured and comprehensive enough to drive the needle of engagement in a positive direction.

Our Culture & Engagement Survey

Our Culture & Engagement Survey will give your employees the opportunity to give honest feedback on their experience of all the drivers of engagement.

Key differentiators of the survey:

  1. A comprehensive journey that transforms employee feedback into critical business insights by providing a fully customisable survey, staff briefing sessions, advanced analytics, in-depth analysis and interpretation of the data and actionable feedback on key trends

  2. The option of two plans:
    • The Foundation plan includes a baseline survey that can be performed as a once-off or annual ‘health check’
    • The Premium plan includes a baseline survey and unlimited pulse surveys to track progress on specific areas for improvement

  3. Scientifically validated survey model - Our survey constructs are based on scientific research and industry trends, bringing you the benefit of benchmarking on the majority of questions

  4. Flexibility to customise and make it your own - The option to make changes and additions to the survey as required, this includes the selection of demographics

  5. Personal Engagement Reports - To motivate employees to participate and to provide them with useful feedback regarding their engagement levels, you can elect to make personal reports available to employees who complete the online survey

  6. Geared for action – It does not only provide information on the WHAT of engagement but, because it is linked to our Drivers of Engagement Model©, it also guides leaders to easily transition to the critical NOW WHAT (targeted improvement)

  7. Seamless integration between survey and action - As part of the NOW WHAT, you have the option of utilising tried and tested, high-impact programmes from our Culture and Engagement Suite:
    • Equip leaders with the skills and tools to significantly improve the weak drivers, identified in the survey, in a short space of time
    • Enhance engagement levels of non-managerial staff through our WorkQ® Programme that can be customised to align with the challenges identified in the survey.

Since 2019 we have utilised the cutting-edge survey capability of Mindset Management, a credible engagement survey consultancy, to offer our clients world-class technology in this area.

Our Culture & Engagement Programmes

The five critical stakeholders in creating a culture of engagement are senior leaders, managers, supervisors & team leaders, individual employees and HR. Our range of employee engagement programmes equip each stakeholder for its specific role while creating a common language regarding engagement in the organisation.

free to grow programme

Since 1994 our programmes have been implemented in 1 350 organisations in 34 countries, reaching over 101 500 people. Examples of clients are Woolworths, RCL Foods, Imperial Logistics, Mondi, RCL Foods, Premier Foods and Sanlam, TFG, Distell and Haw & Inglis.

vector logistics

“The survey gave shopfloor employees a voice. It helped us uncover engagement levels and provided valuable insights. Using the feedback, we were able to capitalize on opportunities for improvement, identify where our strengths lay, as well as areas of weakness that required intervention. It helped us turn the data into actionable items that employees could recognize as response to their feedback.”
Annelie Govender, HR Executive, Vector Logistics, RCL Foods 

Contact Alinda Nortje, Founder and CEO of Free To Grow on 082 852 6323 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to shape a solution that will best meet your needs.

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