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Only 2 out of 5* employees are fully engaged. Where do your employees sit?

Employee engagement levels

* Benchmark data

View survey results according to different sets of reporting lines

engagement inclusion

Scientifically designed inclusion & engagement surveys (more...»)

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engagement framework

Create virtual structures to view and analyse your survey results from alternate perspectives (more...»)

Analytics dashboard demo (desktops only) See example

bdo engagement framework

Advanced analytics, individualised feedback and powerful manager insights & guidance (more...»)

View your Survey Results from multiple Organisational Perspectives

  • Use the drag-and-drop editor to create alternate virtual structure views of your organisational structure and reporting lines (more...»)

  • Group employees and temporary or gig workers into agile networks of project teams, focus groups, training classes and more

  • Keep your virtual structures up-to-date and aligned with your HR system with effortless auto-updating as often as required

virtual sctuctures

Measure Employee Engagement and drive Organisational Change

  • Accurately diagnose, isolate and address the issues that inhibit or drive engagement at every level of the organisation (Flow@Work...») 

  • Use our statistically validated and scientifically designed employee engagement survey model, or adapt it to your unique culture

  • Empower leaders to take data-driven action at all levels, provide all survey respondents with personalised engagement reports

  • Benefit from Natural Language Processing technology to understand the themes and sentiment of open-ended comments

Reliably Measure, Track and Drive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Get team-level demographic insights to help you build a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment (Inclusion@Work...»)

  • Use Virtual Structures to create focus groups based in key diversity dimensions for targeted interventions and follow-up pulse surveys

  • Analyse and compare the workplace experiences and sentiments of your employees around equity and inclusion at demographic level

  • Benefit from our scientifically designed diversity and inclusion surveys, or customize the questions to fit your unique culture

bdo engagement framework

Enterprise Survey Platform for Organisations of any Complexity

  • Drive performance with unlimited employee surveys and track progress over time with regular or targeted pulse surveys

  • Compare survey results against previous surveys, incl. surveys imported from other platforms, and track survey participation in real-time at team level (example...»)

  • Import employee and demographic data from your HR system, and map the survey results at team level to your organisational structure, no matter how large or complex (more...»)

  • Assign managerial and administrative roles and access rights at business unit level to any number of executives and managers

Website SURVEY overview
(5.30 minute YouTube video)
Introduction to Engage Survey
An introduction and overview of Engage Survey – your gateway to engagement as an organisational way of life

Engage ANALYTICS dashboard overview
(7.46 minute YouTube video)
Introduction to Engage Analytics
An overview of Engage Analytics – your advanced, drill-down analytics dashboard for actionable insights

 Example  Demo version of the analytics dashboard (desktops only)

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Confidential, Inclusive & Frictionless Surveys for All your Employees

  • Improve survey participation with surveys that can be completed on any mobile device, desktop PC or browser

  • Pre-load employee and demographic data so you don’t have to ask any invasive demographic questions in your surveys, with employee confidentiality guaranteed

  • Deliver surveys via email, SMS, shared kiosks, or even on paper, or upload unique survey links to employee apps

  • Create your own survey questionnaires and communications, and add your own branding, logos, and survey icons

bdo engagement framework

Demo version of the analytics dashboard (desktops only)


Advanced, Drill-down Analytics with Thematic & Sentiment Analysis

  • Provide managers with access to view their instantly-available survey results at business unit/team level, or create your own PDF reports

  • Use the advanced analytics dashboard to segment, filter, and analyse employee feedback across business units and demographics

  • Compare and track progress against benchmark data and over time against previous surveys, including surveys that were imported from other survey platforms

  • Benefit from Natural Language Processing to analyse open-ended (qualitative) comments according to themes and sentiments

Organisational wellbeing indicator

Organisational Wellbeing & Resilience

And as a bonus, get an indication of how well your employees are coping and how productive they are despite the impact of the pandemic on the way they work

Contextual Feedback & Rule-based Insights right where Needed

  • Provide all survey respondents of the Flow@Work engagement survey with personalised engagement reports based on their confidential survey responses (Personal Engagement Report...»)

  • Empower leaders at all levels with contextual, data-driven best-practice recommendations developed by a team of organisational psychologists and data scientists

  • Adapt and align the best-practice recommendations with your organisational culture and HR practices, and include learning content for delivery right when and where it’s needed

bdo engagement framework

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bdo engagement framework

Do-it-yourself or Expert Assisted Surveys – Your Choice

  • Use the Engage platform to configure and administer employee and pulse surveys yourself, or sit back and let us do it on your behalf

  • Benefit from our Data Science expertise with optional data correlations, interpretative analytics, and expert observation reports

  • Get survey advisory, change management, and consulting assistance where required from BDO's Organisational Design and I/O Psychologists

The Engaged Experience in the New Way-of-Work

Create a conducive work environment

Set a baseline with our validated surveys and diagnose and address the issues that impact engagement or inclusion at team level

Employee engagement experience

Track progress at business unit & team level

Measure and track the impact of inclusion or engagement interventions with regular and ad hoc pulse surveys at business unit level

Change leadership behavior

Equip managers at all levels with the data, tools and know-how to take ownership and drive engagement or inclusion in their teams

Get employee commitment

Empower employees with personalised engagement reports so they can own their engagement

Mindset's People Solutions that drive Change

Mindset Management specializes in SaaS-based employee engagement, inclusion and related employee survey solutions that help organisations drive people engagement on a sustainable basis. At enterprise, team and individual level. By empowering leaders.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about our engagement, inclusion or wellbeing solutions or the Engage survey, analytics and contextual learning platform, or if you want our Mindset Partner BDO to provide you with a quote for a turnkey engagement or employee survey solution that is tailored to your organisational needs.

Book demo Book a free, no-obligation online demo of the Engage platform

Contact us for more information about the Engage platform Contact us