Data Collection Methods & Mechanisms

The survey can be conducted through the following means:

  • Online – respondents click on a website link (URL) that will take them through to a secure online version of the questionnaire;

  • Paper – respondents complete paper-based survey questionnaires, which are then captured by means of a dedicated online survey link;

  • Kiosk  respondents complete the survey via shared PCs using a public survey link;

  • Facilitated group sessions – should be considered for employees who do not have access to PCs or mobile phones, or employees who would find it difficult to complete a paper-based survey questionnaire. Facilitated group sessions should ideally be conducted in groups of 30 in a classroom setting with the aid of a classroom response system (wireless electronic keypads). A trained facilitator should display and explain the survey questions to the participants, who will then respond by selecting the appropriate option on the electronic keypads. 


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