Find a product and service plan that is right for you – from fully serviced employee surveys and assessments that we administer on your behalf, to self-service DIY plans with optional System Administrator training

Assessment Bundle Prices

Individual and 360 multi-rater assessments can be purchased in prepaid bundles that are discounted according to a sliding scale for larger bundles. For unlimited assessments, the Enterprise Plan license (outlined above) will allow you to do any number of assessments during the license period. Please note that the Enterprise Plan is an extension of the Premium or Lifecycle Plans, is based on the headcount of the client organization, and makes provision for unlimited employee and pulse surveys as well. Please contact us for a quote or more information.

Register a Free Trial License

Use the Engage EX platform to adapt and administer any of our scientifically designed surveys to measure engagement, inclusion, or wellbeing – at no cost for up to 30 participants. Or create your own custom employee and pulse surveys and do any number of employee and pulse surveys, with full and unrestricted access to the advanced analytics dashboard. At no cost.

Mindset Partners can also use a free Trial License to prepare the Engage EX platform for a survey at a new client – import the client's employee list (any number of employees), adapt one of our scientifically designed survey models or create a custom survey, edit the survey communications, and send out test survey links so the client can test and sign-off on the survey – at no cost; the license fees will only have to be paid before the survey can be launched.

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Register a free trial license for a survey of up to 30 employees GET STARTED

Survey Implementation and Technical Support Services

The different levels of survey implementation and technical support services that can be provided are outlined below:

  • Included: Survey Implementation Support – our subscription license fees include technical assistance with the setting up and administration of your initial or baseline employee survey so you can hit the ground running - we will take care of configuring your survey model, questionnaire and survey communications; importing employee data and demographics; setting of admin rights and manager roles; and running the survey campaign.

  • Optional: System Administrator Training and Extended Technical Support – the idea with this option is to train one or more technically-inclined persons on the client-side as System and Business Unit Administrators to configure and run employee and pulse surveys on their own. System and Business Unit Administrators will be trained and technically supported to configure survey models, questionnaires and survey communications; import or update employee data and demographics; set admin rights and manager roles; administer and track survey campaigns and survey participation; and close and publish survey results.

  • Optional: Service Level Agreements (SLA) – clients who do not want to get involved with the technicalities of running employee or pulse surveys and who would prefer that Mindset or one of our Certified Partners take care of the technical aspects of surveys on their behalf, can opt for a Service Level Agreement. A Service Level Agreement will make provision for Mindset or one of our Certified Partners to regularly update the user’s employee data, and to configure and administer a set number of employee and/or pulse surveys over the 12-month term of the SLA. The terms and scope of SLAs will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Product Licensing Plan Upgrades

Want to upgrade from an entry-level Foundation Plan license to a more comprehensive Premium Plan license or even an Enterprise Plan? A license can at any time be upgraded – you will get pro-rata credit for the remainder of your existing license term when the upgraded license kicks in. The upgraded license will be valid for 12 months from the date of the upgrade.

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