The list of potential survey participants (employee list) is a vital building block of the survey system:

  • Public vs targeted surveys – although the system makes provision for a public (anonymous) survey to be conducted, without the need for importing any employee records (i.e. a survey done via a public URL link that is made available to anyone for completion), the more reliable way to conduct a survey would be to import or capture a detailed list of all potential participants (employee list) so unique (targeted) survey links can be sent to all email addresses. See Survey Response Modes for more on the different modes of online surveys, and Manage Business Units for more on how to define off-system employees.
  • Capturing participant attributes – loading an employee list with employee details will also make it possible to pre-populate business unit affiliations and hierarchies, and to add additional demographic data for each employee, e.g. job level, tenure or age group. Capturing business unit and demographic details beforehand will negate the need to include them as questions in a survey, which in itself can result in incorrect data being captured.
  • Display of survey results in Engage ANALYTICS – the survey results will be grouped and displayed according to the business unit hierarchy as captured in the employee list, which makes an accurate and up-to-date employee list even more important.
  • Login access – user permissions with respect to Engage INSIGHT and Engage ANALYTICS are based on roles as captured or defined in the employee list.

Please see Survey Response Modes for more on the advantages and disadvantages of Public and Targeted surveys, and Organizational Structures for some guidelines regarding the use of organizational structures in employee surveys.

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