Map Survey Results to Business Units

The survey results in the analytics dashboard will be grouped and displayed according to the organizational structure on which the survey was based, and will make it possible to:

  • Analyze the survey responses at business unit level - per division, department and team;
  • Aggregate survey results at business unit level so managers can be held accountable for the outcomes;
  • Restrict access for individual managers so they can view the survey results of only their own business units. 

Editing & Maintaining the Organizational Structure

The Engage platform’s interactive, drag-and-drop organizational structure editor will allow you to edit and maintain your organizational structure with the minimum effort. Business units can be inserted or added at any position and dragged-and-dropped to new positions, and can be stacked or grouped into multi-level hierarchies.

org structure units

Employee details can likewise be inserted or added to any business unit or dragged-and-dropped to other positions. Demographics can be defined and imported or captured per employee, and edit/view access rights and system roles (e.g. Manager, System Admin) can be defined for any employee.

org structure employee

Uploading Organizational Structure & Employee Data

Integrate your employee and pulse surveys with your HRIS by importing and/or updating employee details and business unit hierarchies in bulk with the powerful Excel import function - or we can do that on your behalf. Keep the employee details up-to-date by repeating the process with little effort on a regular basis. And include any user-defined employee demographics (e.g. age group, gender, role) so you won't have to ask any demographic questions in a survey.

3 concept demograp filter

Using the Organizational Structure

The organizational structure as defined or captured will not only be used for employee surveys, but will make it possible to:

org structure select

  • Target pulse surveys at any random permutation of business units and/or employees by simply selecting them from the organizational structure;
  • View, filter and compare the survey results of any combination of business units in the analytics dashboard over time and demographics;
  • Provide managers with access to one or more business units so they can view the survey results of all the business units under their jurisdiction.
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