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For the HR professional

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Mobilize your leaders and employees at all levels to drive sustainable engagement in an engagement-friendly work environment




No more wasting your time manipulating spreadsheets or wading through inflexible survey reports:


  • Use our powerful Engage Analytics dashboard to analyze what is happening in any part of your organization so you can institute interventions that will really have an impact;

  • Drive change by helping leaders at all levels of your organization to make sense of their business unit’s survey results with our Engage Insight recommendations engine so they can take appropriate actions;

  • And make engagement in your organization an organizational way of life by exposing and involving your employees at all levels to engagement via our novel Personal Engagement Reports!






So what's there not to like?



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Our software runs in the cloud, so you don’t have to concern yourself with the boring technical stuff. Import or recreate your organisational structure, configure the survey to suit your requirements, run the survey while tracking survey participation rates per business unit in real-time, and then view the survey results via our interactive, drill-down analytics dashboard.









Drive culture, engagement and retention at all levels of your organisation through our powerful, interactive analytics dashboard



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  • Provide your managers with dashboard access to their department or team's survey data so they can analyse, interpret and take action on their own survey results;

  • Convenient summary report of the overall survey results for the organisation, including highest and lowest scoring survey questions and survey scores per demography;

  • Drill down to review or interpret survey responses on an individual survey dimension or question level, or generate a comparative heatmap of scores per survey dimension for any combination of units and sub-units;

  • Compare different survey datasets, including previous survey results and benchmark data;

  • Create your own PDF reports of any permutation of survey data, or export to Excel for further analysis;

  • Conveniently access the analytics dashboard on Windows or Mac PCs or on Android or iOS tablets.





  • Filter and compare survey responses for any region, department, team or demographic;

  • Define your own demographic parameters to suit your organisational environment;

  • Group, display and filter the survey data according to your organisational structure;

  • See the participation rates and sampling errors for the organisation as a whole or per region, department or team;

  • Protect anonymity by not showing survey results of groups with less than the threshold number of respondents.





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Provide your managers at all levels with a better understanding of what drives engagement in their business units, why it is important, and what they can do to make a difference






  • Summarize survey results at business unit level – whether at divisional, departmental or individual team level;

  • Applies rule-based logic to recommend OD-aligned activities that will help your managers to drive engagement;

  • Supports “Continue” and “Improve” recommendations that will reinforce or address leadership behavior;

  • Supports unique rules for up to 5 management levels, including project or line managers, junior managers and senior managers;

  • Enables learning material and online content to be embedded, providing just-in-time online learning facilities;

  • Rules and recommendations can be edited to make them more relevant to your organization, or developed from scratch to suit a custom or user-defined survey.



Either use your own survey − or use our Flow@WorkTM survey



The statistically validated Flow@WorkTM employee engagement survey is a diagnostic survey instrument that measures both the indicators and drivers of employee engagement. The survey comprises of 42 carefully researched survey questions that have been designed to provide an in-depth view of your organisation’s performance health.


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Engagement indicators




The Flow@WorkTM survey measures the outcomes of engagement, i.e. the level of engagement at your organization



Engagement drivers




The survey also measures the drivers of engagement, i.e. the factors that have a direct impact on the level of engagement at your organization



Personal Engagement Report


All online respondents of the Flow@WorkTM survey will receive a personalised engagement report with practical suggestions on what to do to improve their engagement levels


Personal engagement report


  • Improve survey participation rates by incentivizing and rewarding your employees for participating in the survey;

  • Make engagement a talking point by introducing your employees and managers at all levels to engagement concepts & principles;

  • Empower your employees to take action and do something about their own engagement levels;

  • Sensitize your managers to the impact they have on their direct report’s engagement levels.


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