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For the HR professionals


Employee feedback and people analytics services to help create a loyal, high performing and engaged workforce




No more guessing or beating around the bush – our survey analytics dashboard will provide you with an interactive analytics tool that will:


  • Make it possible to deliberately target interventions at the right levels and on the right issues;

  • Enable you to monitor over time the effectiveness and impact of engagement interventions at your organisation;

  • Provide managers at all levels with the insights necessary so they can drive engagement at their level!






So what's there not to like?



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The dashboard runs in the cloud, so you don’t have to concern yourself with the boring technical stuff. We will import your organisational structure, configure the survey to suit your requirements, run the survey, and then make the survey results available for unrestricted access via our interactive, drill-down analytics dashboard.




From feedback through analytics to results


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Employee surveys


Engagement, culture and customer surveys






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Data analytics


Powerful drill-down survey analytics dashboard






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Taking action


Insights translated into action plans and targeted interventions






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Measuring and tracking the impact of interventions



When it comes to doing a survey, you have two choices... 






Let us do the survey


Sit back and relax while we do the online survey on your behalf. You will see your survey results in less than 24 hours after the survey has been completed.





Or go right ahead and do your own survey!


Use your own - or a 3rd party - survey tool, or do the survey on paper. And then use our analytics dashboard to visualise and analyse your survey results. All you have to do is provide us with your survey results in a prescribed Excel format.


And the best part? You will be able to access your survey results online via our survey analytics dashboard within 24 hours after we have received your data!






Either use your own survey − or use our Flow@WorkTM survey



The statistically validated Flow@WorkTM employee engagement survey is a diagnostic survey intrument that measures both the indicators and drivers of employee engagement. The survey comprises of 42 carefully researched survey questions that have been designed to provide an in-depth view of your organisation’s performance health.


Click here for more on the Flow@Work model >




Engagement indicators




The Flow@WorkTM survey measures the outcomes of engagement, i.e. the level of engagement at your organisation



Engagement drivers




The survey also measures the drivers of engagement, i.e. the factors that have a direct impact on the level of engagement at your organisation



Personal engagement report


Personal Engagement Report


All online respondents of the Flow@WorkTM survey will receive a personalised engagement report with practical suggestions on what to do to improve their engagement levels


Click here to generate your own report >

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