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Configuring & Running a Survey

Absolutely! While we suggest you limit modifications to the Engage@Way-of-Work engagement survey to ensure its statistical validity, you can edit the survey questions where required or add additional constructs and questions. You can also create your own employee or pulse surveys from scratch to measure, for instance, Values or Diversity & Inclusion.

A link to a real-time survey participation dashboard will be made available after the survey has been launched. This link can be forwarded to managers and other interested parties as required, and allows managers to track survey participation in their business units in real-time. You can also view the survey results in real time in the analytics dashboard. Click here to see it in action on your PC or mobile device.

Register a trial license to experience the full functionality of the Engage platform – capture or import an employee list of any size into our multi-level hierarchy editor, customize an existing survey or create your own, edit the survey communications, add your logos and branding, send out test survey links, and get stakeholder sign-off before paying a dime. Click here to get started.

As an alternative, try out the survey and the analytics dashboard for free by running a short 11-question pulse survey to measure the indicators (levels) of engagement in your organization or business unit – and see your results in the analytics dashboard. To get started with the free survey wizard, click here.

The Engage platform is a self-service survey and engagement platform, so you are invited to run your own surveys. To get you going, however, we can assist you to set up and run your first survey at a once-off administration fee.

Pulse surveys can be done as many times as required (Premium license), and can be either sent to the entire organization, or targeted at specific business units or individuals. Complimenting the annual baseline survey with a series of pulse surveys that measure different aspects of engagement on a regular basis (quarterly or even monthly), will make it possible to track engagement over time. Pulse surveys targeted at specific business units are an effective way to track the outcomes and monitor the impact of individual interventions. For more regarding pulse surveys, click here.

Surveys can be completed on mobile devices, tablets or PCs. You can also use your preferred bulk SMS provider to forward unique survey links to employees via SMS. To see the survey in action on your mobile device, click on this link and complete a short 33-question survey to generate your own Personal Engagement Report.

Survey links can be forwarded to employees without email addresses via your preferred bulk SMS provider, so they can complete the survey on their mobile devices (see previous point). Alternatively, they could complete the survey on a shared PC via a kiosk link, or they can complete a paper-based version of the survey. Please bear in mind that someone on your side will have to capture the paper-based responses on the system via a special survey link. Surveys can also be completed in facilitated group sessions using an audience response system. Click here for more on survey response modes.

After you have launched a survey, the system will enable you to download an Excel file with a unique survey link for each employee that can be loaded on your internal HR system or employee app, e.g. SharePoint. Your employees will then be able to access their links and complete the survey.

Survey Models & Survey Questions

Mindset’s Inclusion@Way-of-Work diversity and inclusion model will help you to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment that will attract the right talent and engage your employees – ultimately helping to increase your bottom line. For more, click here.

You can include any number of open-ended (comment) or qualitative questions in your surveys.  Open-ended responses can be analyzed as a word cloud or a list with keyword search, and can be filtered by business unit and demographics. A Natural Language Processing technique will also be used to analyze and group open-ended comments into themes and sentiments. Click here for more.

Absolutely. Any number of Net Promotor Score (NPS) survey questions can be included in a survey, with the results shown as a Net Promotor Score (% Promoters - % Detractors). Click here for more.

A survey model – whether created from scratch or copied from an existing survey model – is “owned” by the business unit where it was created, and can be shared with downstream business units by making it available as a survey template. Click here for more.

Mindset Partners who have created their own survey models – whether an edited version of an existing survey model or a new model created from scratch – can elect to publish their survey models for use by any of their clients. They can also selectively make survey models available for only specific clients.

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Organizational Structures & Demographic Data

The Engage platform supports organizational structures of any complexity – whether a multi-level hierarchy with regional offices and different departments, or dynamic project teams that change on a regular basis. It even makes provision for employees without company emails, e.g. contract or temporary workers. Employee details and demographic data can be imported from an Excel file, or updated using the interactive drag-and-drop editor. Click here for more.

The Virtual Structure function will allow you to create alternate structures or views of your organisational structure and reporting lines or to group employees and temporary workers into agile networks of project teams, focus groups, training classes and more. Virtual structures will be automatically kept up-to-date and aligned with your HR system with effortless auto-updating. Click here for more.

You are free to include any demographic data you require in a survey, e.g. gender, age, job role or tenure. Demographic data can be included by pre-loading the participants’ demographic data before the survey, or by asking demographic questions in the survey questionnaire. Including demographic data makes it possible to drill down into segments of your organization or business units to compare results for specific demographic groupings, e.g. males versus females. For more, click here.

Viewing & Analyzing Survey Results

You can view and analyse your survey results in the Engage Analytics dashboard in real-time while a survey is in progress and at any time after you have closed and published the survey – click here to view a demo version of the dashboard.

Yes, survey response data can be filtered by any combination of business unit and demographic attributes. For example, it is possible to analyze the responses of employees at the Operational Staff job level, in the 21 – 26 age group, who have been with the organization for less than 5 years, and who work in either the Warehousing Operations or Chilled & Frozen Foods divisions. Click here for more.

Changes in survey scores for questions or topics can be tracked using the trend graphs in the analytics dashboard. The Pulses & Trends function makes it possible to view fluctuations in survey scores over time, and also to compare survey results between specific dates. Click here for more.

Taking Action on Survey Results

One way of getting your employees’ buy-in is to provide them with personalised survey feedback - which is where Engage Personal comes in. Engage Personal will reward each individual survey participant with a personalised, rule-based engagement report based on their survey responses – contextual feedback that will empower them to take action and do something about their own engagement. Click here for more on this, or to see it in action, click on this link to complete a short 33-question survey and generate your own Personal Engagement Report.

You can provide individual managers with view access to the Engage platform so they can view their business unit’s survey results themselves, or alternatively you can make PDF reports of their survey results available to them.

Engage Insight (part of the Premium product license) takes this one step further – it helps managers at all levels to interpret and act on their business unit’s survey results by providing them with feedback and best-practices recommendations. Engage Insight also allows you to customize the survey feedback and recommendations to reflect your organisation’s HR practices, and to include links to learning and development content – providing your managers with contextual micro-learning opportunities that are aligned to their survey results. Click here for more on this.

Our network of HR practitioners and organizational development consultants are available to provide you with expert consulting advice regarding the planning and running of your surveys should you require it, and with interpreting and taking action on your survey results. If you prefer they can even configure and run the surveys on your behalf.


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