The Engage platform will allow you to measure, track and take appropriate action on real-time employee feedback at every stage of the employee lifecycle – from recruitment and onboarding to transitions, performance and exits. The functionality and level of automation and integration with your HR system will be determined by the current (active) Engage platform licensing plan – as outlined below.

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Premium Plan License for Unlimited Surveys

A Premium Plan license makes provision for unlimited employee and pulse surveys during the license period, and will allow you to:

  • Define and launch targeted pulse surveys for any of the lifecycle stages that deal with employees (i.e. excluding the pre-employment Attract & Recruit stage);
  • View survey results and employee feedback in real-time in the analytics dashboard;
  • Track and view survey responses at individual employee level or at aggregate business unit/team level;
  • Run diagnostic employee surveys to measure engagement, inclusion or wellbeing at any stage of the employee lifecycle (anonymized or deanonymized);
  • View survey results and employee feedback via any number of virtual structures - whether focus groups, agile project teams, different sets of reporting lines or any other custom structures.

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Enterprise Plan License for Lifecycle Automation

An Enterprise Plan license will cover – in addition to all the features and functionality of a Premium Plan license – the following advanced employee lifecycle features:

  • Accommodate pre-employment candidates (recruits) as part of the Attract & Recruit lifecycle stage - without affecting the licensed employee headcount;
  • View survey results and individual employee/candidate feedback in real-time in the analytics dashboard;
  • Automated SFTP integration with your HR system to auto-trigger targeted lifecycle pulse surveys (API interfaces to be quoted);
  • Configure exception triggers to automatically escalate feedback to nominated email addresses;
  • Validates email addresses and candidate or employee status before sending pulses or reminders. 

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