Engage EX platform

Virtual Organizational Structures

Create multiple agile and hybrid organizational structures to track, run and analyze engagement surveys at team level

Empower managers to drive engagement by providing them with survey results and insights that are mapped down to team level for employees as well as temporary or seasonal workers, no matter how complex or volatile the organizational structure may be

The Challenge with HR-system Derived Organizational Structures

Running employee or pulse survey and assessments require an up-to-date organizational structure so (1) feedback results can be mapped to the right business units and teamswhich will (2) enable managers to view their division, business unit or team's survey and assessment results so they can take ownership and drive change with data-driven insights and actions.

Getting all the employee and business unit data loaded in preparation for an employee survey or 360 assessment, however, is a tedious and time-consuming task, since:

  • The data will have to be sourced from the HR system, and will require some effort to restructure so the data can be used in the system;
  • The data will in most cases not be sufficiently granular or broken down to the appropriate team and supervisory levels, or may not reflect the management structure or cross-functional reporting lines as they are currently experienced on the ground;
  • And to ensure that your surveys are based on the most recent and up-to-date employee data, the process will have to be repeated every time you want to do another employee survey or assessment.

Virtual & Hybrid Structures
Structuring and updating your employee data in preparation for an employee engagement survey
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Engage EX Virtual Structures

Engage EX Platform

The Engage EX Platform
Take data-driven action on employee feedback to drive engagement in your organization
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Create Virtual Structures to Run your Surveys and Assessment

  • Use the drag-and-drop editor to create any number of alternate or hybrid virtual structure views of your organizational or divisional structures and/or cross-functional reporting lines
  • Combine any group of employees, temporary and seasonal workers into agile project teams, focus groups, committees, training classes, workshops or other custom structures
  • Run surveys and assessments based on virtual structures with employees included according to their demographics, e.g. all Female Supervisors in the Production Division older than 25
  • Assign virtual structures to specific business units with selective edit or view access permissions for managers

Virtual and organizational structures


import employee data

Automatic Update Virtual Structures with Changes in your HR System

  • Virtual structures represent in effect different or alternative versions of your organizational structure as captured in your HR system
  • Virtual structures will be automatically updated with any changes to the employee data, e.g. new employees or employees who resigned or were transferred
  • Arbitrary or hybrid groups of employees (e.g. focus groups) will be updated via advanced cohort-analysis algorithms, with changes that can be selectively accepted or discarded

View Feedback Results from different Historical or Structural Perspectives

  • Survey and assessment results will by default be mapped and shown according to the way the organization was structured at the time when they were conducted (historic view)
  • As an alternative, current or historic survey and assessment results can be mapped and viewed according to the latest version of the organizational structure (current view)
  • Current and historic survey and assessment results can in addition also be mapped and shown according to one or more virtual structures, even if the virtual structures were created after the surveys or assessments were completed  

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