Engage EX platform

EX and the Employee Lifecycle

Track and optimize the employee experience in real-time at all the touchpoints of the employee lifecycle

Take instant, data-driven action on continuous employee feedback and real-time, automated pulse surveys, and optimize the employee experience at every touchpoint of the employee lifecycle – from recruitment and onboarding to transitions, engagement and exits

Lifecycle pulse surveys

Change in the New Way-of-Work
Measure, track and optimize the employee experience and mobilize employees at all levels
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  Engage Way-of-Work

Engage EX Platform  

The Engage EX Platform
Take data-driven action on employee feedback and automated pulse surveys
(3.33 minute YouTube video)

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Automatically trigger user-defined pulse surveys to track the employee experience in real-time at every stage of the employee lifecycle

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Take data-driven action on real-time employee feedback as they happen, and optimize the employee experience for the new way of work

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View and analyse the employee experience at business unit and demographic level, or according to any number of different agile or hybrid perspectives

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lifecycle surveys

Drive Engagement at all Stages of the Employee Lifecycle

  • View employee feedback and sentiments in real-time in the analytics dashboard, and track responses at individual employee level
  • Analyze and filter survey results at business unit/team or demographic level, or view them from different organizational perspectives, incl. focus groups, agile project teams and matrix structures
  • Run diagnostic employee surveys to measure engagement, inclusion or wellbeing at any stage of the employee lifecycle (anonymized or deanonymized)

Customize and Automate Employee Lifecycle Surveys

  • Define your own lifecycle stages and pulse surveys to reflect your organizational culture and HR practices
  • Cater for pre-employment candidates (recruits) as well as regular employees
  • Integrate with your HR system to auto-trigger employee lifecycle pulse surveys, with rule-based escalations  

lifecycle escalations and reports

Tracking Lifecycle Feedback and Survey Responses in Real-time

  • View and take data-driven action on pulse survey responses in real-time and at individual candidate and employee level
  • Aggregate, filter and analyze lifecycle survey responses at business unit, team and demographic level
  • Use the drag-and-drop editor to create any number of alternate or hybrid virtual structure views of your organizational structure (e.g. focus groups, agile project teams) to view lifecycle survey responses

  The Engage EX software-as-a-service product suite is hosted on Amazon Web Services for convenient and reliable access from anywhere