More about the Organizational Wellbeing Surveys

Our approach with the COVID-19 Organizational Wellbeing series of pulse surveys – which is free for organizations of any size – is to address both the practical concerns of workers and their ability to meet their objectives, while maintaining social distancing. A phased, multi-week survey process allows team members to quickly provide leaders with information about the challenges they face in specific areas while adapting to the new way of work – without demanding more of their time than is absolutely necessary.

The phased pulse survey process begins at the tactical level first to ensure that individual employees have what they need to succeed in the new context for work. Once these initial problems and barriers to effectiveness have been addressed, progressive pulse surveys will help to address longer-term strategic barriers to success. And if organizations are already further down the path, they can jump into the pulse survey series at whichever point is valuable. 


Measuring the State and Drivers of Organizational Wellbeing

The pulse survey series uses a number of carefully selected survey questions to measure the fluctuations and changes to the outcomes or state of organizational wellbeing in your organization or business unit over time. This will be summarized via an Index Score in the analytics dashboard.


Organizational wellbeing index


The pulse surveys also measure the drivers or factors that contribute or impact the organizational wellbeing of your organization or business unit during the COVID-19 pandemic. The drivers and related survey questions will be updated over time to reflect changes in the fast-changing pandemic situation. The following drivers will be covered in the first couple of pulse surveys:

  • Employee wellbeing & health: Individual ability to cope with the current situation and maintain healthy levels of stress and perspective

  • COVID-19 organizational wellbeing driverWork environment & tools: Availability and suitability of infrastructure and tools to perform effectively

  • Adapting to way of work: Adaptability of employees to the new way of work

  • Role clarity & alignment: Individual clarity regarding role expectations and contribution to team and organizational goals

  • Collaboration & teamwork: Levels of cohesion, trust and mutual support between team members

  • Management support & leadership: Perception of managerial support and leadership credibility


COVID-19 Organizational Wellbeing Pulse Survey Themes

Organizational wellbeing will be measured on an ongoing basis with each subsequent pulse survey over the course of several months, with trends shown in the analytics dashboard. This will allow you to track and address problems as they happen.

The COVID-19 Organizational Wellbeing survey model and related pulse survey series will be adapted and expanded over time in response to feedback from our user community to reflect changes and developments in this unprecedented and unpredictable time for organizations globally. Our current thinking with respect to themes for the first few pulse surveys is outlined below.

Pulse Survey #1: Transitioning Way of Work

The first pulse in the series focusses on the needs of your employees and the resources they will require during the transition. It will allow you to measure how your employees are dealing with the crisis and rapidly address any barriers to productivity.

Pulse Survey #2: Sustaining Healthy Systems

The second pulse in the series addresses the challenges of developing and sustaining healthy patterns of remote work over a longer period of time. This will allow your organization to thrive through adversity by maintaining a healthy workforce.

Pulse Survey #3: High Performance Distributed Teams

The third pulse will attend to improving team functioning at a distance. It aims to help new and well-established virtual teams function more effectively in a way that extends beyond the current pandemic.

Pulse Survey #4: Sustainable Engagement

The fourth pulse in the series helps your organization home in on any barriers to long term engagement for employees. Adapted from our peer reviewed Flow@Work model, it will provide clear insight into building a sustainable culture where employees flourish.


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