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The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we work. Permanently. Organizations around the world are scrambling to deal with the challenges their employees are facing while adapting to the new way of work. Which is why we have launched the COVID-19 Organizational Wellbeing series of free pulse surveys.

  • Gain critical insights in how to help your employees to thrive in this time

  • Series of free pulse surveys to drive long term success in the new way of work

  • The short 5-minute surveys are designed collaboratively by a team of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists

  • Automated 4-step survey wizard with easy, step-by-step instructions

Measuring organizational wellbeing in the age of COVID-19

The Five Major Challenges Experienced by Employees During Covid-19

The Five Major Challenges Experienced by Employees During Covid-19
Written by Jeremiah Martin
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Top 10 Drivers of Organizational Wellbeing During Covid-19

Top 10 Drivers of Organizational Wellbeing During Covid-19
Written by Jeremiah Martin
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Series of Pulse Surveys to Track Wellbeing over Time


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  • Different (free) pulse surveys - designed by industrial psychologists - will be phased in over time to reflect the evolving impact of the pandemic on organizational wellbeing and the way we work

  • The pulse surveys start by tracking wellbeing during the initial transition to the new way of working, and build up to sustaining healthy new-way-of-work patterns and ultimately employee engagement

  • Run new pulse surveys as they are released, or rerun previous pulse surveys as often as you want to track changes in the work environment via trend graphs

pulse1 png smallPulse#1
Transitioning Way of Work (more »)

pulse1 png smallPulse#2
Sustaining Healthy Systems (more »)

pulse1 png smallPulse#3
Supporting Effective Teams (more »)

pulse1 png smallPulse#4
Sustainable Engagement (more »)

Click here to get started with the pulse surveys (to start a survey for a new client or business unit, log out of the analytics dashboard if you are logged in):

If you have already done a pulse survey and would like to run an existing or new pulse survey, log in to the analytics dashboard and do it from there:

View Survey Results in our Free Analytics Dashboard

View, access and analyze your survey results in our advanced analytics dashboard the moment you close the survey:

  • View survey results per business unit, or drill down to view the responses to individual survey questions

  • Track the state of employee wellbeing and changes to survey themes and questions over time via trend graphs

  • Make the survey results available by sharing access to the analytics dashboard or by generating your own PDF reports

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View the COVID-19 Organisational Wellbeing survey model & questions


Preview the online pulse survey questionnaire (desktop or mobile)


View a demo of the COVID-19 analytics dashboard (desktop only)


Survey Wizard to Guide you in 4 Easy Steps


Step 1
Create project
Name the project and define business units to map survey results

 Get started 

Get started and launch the pulse survey


Step 2
Launch survey
Start the survey by forwarding the survey link to the participants


Step 3
Track survey
View & track survey participation in real time at business unit level


Survey participation dashboard demo


Step 4
View results
View survey results in analytics dashboard after closing the survey

Customizing Surveys & Questions

The COVID-19 Organizational Wellbeing series of pulse surveys and questions has been created by a team of I/O Psychologists from different organizations collaborating in a good-faith effort, and is free to use. Custom-developed survey wizards make it possible for anyone to run the surveys with minimal effort. To keep the survey wizards as simple and easy to use as possible, survey questions cannot be edited or customized.

Please contact us if you would like to run a customized survey that is tailored to your organization’s needs and that reflects your full organizational structure, or if you want to learn more about our Engage suite of survey, analytics and contextual learning products.

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