Enterprise survey platform for organizations of all shapes and sizes

Enterprise survey platform

In the current landscape of employee surveys, organizations can choose from a variety of survey platforms, ranging from expensive and overly complicated survey systems, to simplistic one-dimensional products with limited analytics capabilities. The more popular survey platforms generally lack the advanced analytics necessary to track and analyze survey data in real-time at organizational and at team level, or the flexibility to accommodate different types of surveys, such as engagement surveys, automated lifecycle pulses or 360-degree leadership reviews.

A key frustration with some of the leading survey systems is the way in which surveys have to be centrally controlled by one or a select few users, inevitably resulting in top-down surveys that offer little incentive for leaders and employees at lower levels to take ownership and drive change. Mapping surveys to organizational structures down to team level is generally also a cumbersome and time-consuming exercise, particularly in the case of organizations with complex matrix structures or different sets of reporting lines.

Enter Mindset’s Engage EX survey platform: an enterprise solution designed to decentralize and democratize employee feedback and 360-degree assessments across organizations of varying sizes and complexities.

Democratizing Employee Feedback with an Inclusive Survey Platform

Engage EX allows any number of users to be provided with login access to the platform so they can run surveys or view and analyze survey data. Access permissions can be provided for system administrators at organizational and business unit level, and for leaders at any level, which makes it possible to decentralize the administration of surveys to the lowest level of the organization. Managers can configure and run their own surveys, pulses and 360s, track their business unit’s survey responses, and view and analyze aggregate survey and lifecycle pulse data at organizational, divisional and team levels. Employees can also log in to the platform whenever they want to view their own feedback reports.

Driving Engagement from the Bottom Up by Decentralizing Employee Surveys

For enterprise-wide initiatives like engagement or culture surveys, Engage EX facilitates the cascading of survey models down to lower levels for consistency, where they can be used as templates for localized adaptation. The results of these cascaded surveys can be viewed and analyzed in the advanced analytics dashboard at business unit or team level, or in aggregate form at divisional or organizational level. Pulse surveys that include parts of a cascaded survey model can be targeted at specific business units and tracked in real-time with trend graphs in the analytics dashboard, or can be rolled up and combined with other surveys and pulses for analysis at higher organizational levels.

Streamlining the Administration of Surveys According to Organizational Structures

The Engage EX platform’s virtual structure feature makes it possible to run surveys, lifecycle pulses and 360s – and to view and analyze the results – according to either the formal organizational structure as derived from the HR system, or according to any number of ad hoc and temporary structures, whether matrix structures, alternate reporting lines, focus groups, training classes or what Bersin describes as ‘agile networks of teams’.

Virtual structures will enable employees and leaders to be allocated to multiple business units and teams. It will also allow leaders to be provided with access permissions that will allow them to analyze their teams’ survey results in the analytics dashboard, or to view their direct reports’ survey results via cohort reports or individual feedback and coaching reports.

Engage EX – the Enterprise Survey Platform for Organizations of All Shapes and Sizes

Mindset’s Engage EX platform brings sophistication and flexibility to the employee feedback arena, revolutionizing how employee surveys and 360-degree assessments are managed across organizational levels. It empowers enterprises to effectively decentralize and democratize the survey and assessment process, ensuring inclusivity and precision in employee feedback and engagement strategies.