Embedding engagement as a way-of-life in your organization

Embedding engagement

Sustainable engagement isn’t just a program, it’s a way of operating. Mindset’s Holistic Engagement Approach offers a framework to transition from the outdated, top-down annual survey method to a dynamic and individualized process. 

The approach takes a comprehensive view of an employee's relationship with the organization, focusing on both an enabling working environment and their relationships at work. The approach fosters an engagement-friendly organizational culture which is known to yield tangible benefits including increased productivity, lower absenteeism, and higher retention rates.

Here's how the approach – facilitated by the Engage EX platform – can be integrated into the lifeblood of an organization.

Holistic engagement


1. Crafting a Meaningful Work Environment

A shift towards an engagement-friendly workplace starts with recognizing the unique factors affecting each business unit and team. By employing Mindset’s Flow@Work diagnostic engagement survey, organizations can analyze and pinpoint specific engagement issues via the platform’s advanced analytics module. These insights, coupled with data and expert recommendations developed by industrial psychologists, shape robust engagement strategies. Periodic remeasurement keeps strategies relevant and effective.

2. Involving Employees in Their Engagement

Engagement soars when employees have a stake in it. Providing personal engagement reports to all survey respondents empowers employees to understand and improve their own work experience. The goal is to make engagement a common talking point, thereby fostering a culture of inclusivity and continuous improvement. Tying these reports to HR practices enriches the feedback loop, turning the survey process into an incentivized, rewarding experience.

3. Leadership as Engagement Champions

The role of leaders is crucial in fostering engagement at the ground level. By decentralizing the process, the Engage EX platform will equip leaders with actionable insights at team level, and will allow them to pivot based on real-time data gathered through pulse surveys. This approach not only empowers leaders to drive engagement amongst their team members, but also ensures engagement strategies are responsive and tailored.

4. Comprehensive Leader Development

The final element of the approach is to develop engaged leaders by empowering them with 360-degree feedback on how their behavior impacts engagement. The Engage EX platform facilitates these multi-rater assessments and generates custom feedback reports that assist in their leadership development journeys. The platform also enables HR/OD to develop data-driven strategies and action plans that address engagement at various organizational levels, ensuring alignment with broader business objectives.

In conclusion, the Holistic Engagement Approach by Mindset is a promising stride toward addressing the engagement crisis experienced by many organizations. It encourages a shift from outdated engagement practices to a more comprehensive, decentralized, and inclusive engagement paradigm. By focusing on these four key areas, organizations can seamlessly weave engagement into their operational fabric, ensuring it becomes a sustained practice rather than a fleeting initiative.