Revolutionizing employee surveys with Engage EX’s report editor

Engage EX’s report editor

Conducting employee surveys, such as engagement or employee wellbeing, can often be a source of frustration when it comes to analyzing and presenting the survey results. 

One common issue is the limited flexibility of survey reports provided by survey vendors, which cannot easily be customized to align with a client's unique organizational culture and HR practices. As a result, many resort to conducting surveys or assessments themselves, using tools like Survey Monkey. This approach, however, often leads to a substantial amount of time spent on data manipulation in Excel in an attempt to transform the raw data into a format that is meaningful and relevant to the client – even more so when aggregate reports at organizational level have to be generated.

An Automated Approach to Employee Survey Reporting

The Engage EX’s highly specialized Report Editor module has been specifically designed to assist our partners and clients by automating and streamlining the report generation process. The Report Editor empowers users to create visually appealing reports that are presentation-ready, tailored to their proprietary or custom surveys. It also allows for the seamless adaptation of survey reports to reflect a client's unique branding, culture, and HR practices.

Rule-based logic makes it possible to automate the interpretation of survey response data, eliminating the need for the time-consuming Excel and PowerPoint processes traditionally used for data analysis. It automates the interpretation and translation of survey data into actionable, contextually relevant best-practices recommendations, and simplifies the embedding of client-specific learning and development content.

Streamlining Organizational Reporting

The Report Editor will help to streamline the reporting process across all organizational tiers. It will enable users to build comprehensive aggregate reports, whether at team level or for the entire organization, and in the process to leverage the client's HRIS-derived organizational structure to ensure accuracy and relevance. Personalized feedback reports can also be developed for individual survey respondents, with rule-based insights and recommendations based on their respective survey responses.

Saving you Time with Automated Reporting

In conclusion, Engage EX's Report Editor will save you time and resources with automated reports that reflect a client's HR practices and culture. Professionally package your survey solutions with attractive, presentation-ready reports that maximize survey impact and cost-effectiveness.

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