Engage Assess’ brand new 360 multi-rater module will allow you to compare employee’s perceptions of their own performance against feedback from their managers, colleagues, team members, and even customers.

Introducing the 360 multi-rater version of Engage Assess

The 360 module is designed around an intuitive multi-rater workflow that covers the entire 360 process – from rater nominations and manager reviews/signoffs, to custom rule-based feedback and coaching reports.

The Engage EX platform will make it possible not only to administer and track 360 assessments via organizational or virtual structures as imported from the client’s HR system, but also to auto-populate 360 rater lists from the organizational structure. Aggregate assessment data can be viewed and analyzed in the Engage Analytics dashboard and will make it possible to identify skills gaps and developmental opportunities at organizational, team, and individual levels.

assess 360

Engage Leader 360 – Equipping Leaders to Drive Engagement

The purpose-developed Engage Leader 360 assessment model will provide leaders with an understanding of how their behavior impacts the engagement levels of their teams, and how they can adjust their behavior to address disengaged employees. The assessment model has been specifically designed as a diagnostic leadership assessment to leverage the Flow@Work engagement survey. It evaluates leadership behavior according to 11 leadership dimensions and will highlight the developmental opportunities that leaders should focus on to optimize their effectiveness as engaged leaders.

assess 360 engage leader

The Engage Leader 360 assessment tool will also provide leaders with guidance of why, how, and when to change their behaviour to drive and sustain engagement in their organizations. Developmental feedback is provided according to three themes: Presence (does the leader display this behaviour); Application (does the leader apply this behaviour); and Impact (what is the impact if the leader does this well).

360 License Fees

360 Multi-rater assessments are purchased in assessment bundles, and are discounted according to a sliding scale. Clients who do a lot of assessments during a 12-month license period can opt for an Enterprise Plan license which will allow them to do any number of assessments during the license period.

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