Introduction to Mindset’s employee wellbeing survey model, and an overview of the new language support functionality for the Engage EX platform – which makes provision for the character sets of more than 240 languages and dialects.

Organizational Wellbeing Survey

With organizations all over faced with the challenge of redefining their post-pandemic hybrid workplaces, we thought it will be a good time to introduce an employee wellbeing survey model that will help our clients to embed a more holistic focus on employee wellness. The Wellbeing@Work survey will help organizations to navigate the future of work by continually assessing the move towards the new way of work, and adjusting their approach through experimentation, learning and iterating. For more on this please check out the Solutions | Organizational Wellbeing page on the Mindset website, or click on the image below:

Wellbeing survey model

Language Support for the Engage EX Platform

We have also recently added language support to the Engage EX platform so surveys can be conducted in any of the supported languages. The language support functionality makes provision for the character sets of more than 240 languages and dialects, and will allow users to translate and define survey questions in any of the languages that the platform has been configured for. Surveys can then be conducted – as part of the same survey campaign – in different languages based on the participant’s language setting (e.g. run English, French and Spanish versions of the same survey). Survey results from different language respondents will be shown in the analytics dashboard, and can be filtered according to the respondents’ language.

Language support

Coming soon: Engage Assess

And then some exciting news: we will be releasing in about a month’s time the first version of Engage Assess, our advanced employee assessment module for the Engage EX platform. Engage Assess will make it possible to define custom assessment models and related assessment questionnaires, and also to create custom, rule-based assessee and assessor feedback reports. More information about Engage Assess will be provided in the next newsletter.

Roy & the Mindset Team

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