Overview of the Engage EX platform's report editor for personal feedback, as well as a bit of context behind the platform's name change.

Report Editor for Personal Feedback

We have a new release coming and I wanted to share that with you: the Engage EX platform’s report editor module. I am sure you are familiar with Mindset’s Personal Engagement Report – the one that helps to decentralize engagement by putting personalized feedback into employees’ hands so they can own their engagement. The report editor will now enable you to create your own rule-based feedback reports for any survey model, or even to add custom learning content to our Personal Engagement Report. For more on this, please watch a short 3-minute YouTube video at the top of the Homepage on the Mindset website, or click on the link below:


Engage EX Platform

I am sure that you also noticed the slight shift in the Engage platform’s name – we are now calling it the Engage Employee Experience platform, or Engage EX for short. The reason behind this is that the recently released Engage Lifecycle module now makes it easier for our clients to optimize the employee experience by tracking and taking action – in real-time – on all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding to engagement and exits. And to add to it – the novel Virtual Structure concept that we mentioned in our last newsletter, makes the platform particularly suited for the highly dynamic new way-of-work workplace. For a short overview of this, please watch the YouTube video on our website, or click on this link:


Johan & the Mindset Team

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