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Overview of Engage ANALYTICS

The Engage ANALYTICS dashboard is a powerful, interactive analytics tool that will provide you with the insights necessary to drive culture, engagement and retention at all levels of your organization. The dashboard will allow you to:

  • Segment, sort and analyze your survey data to get down to the real issues that matter;

  • Filter and compare survey responses for any demographic, department, region or team in your organization;

  • Drill down to review or interpret survey responses on an individual survey question level;

  • Compare survey results to previous surveys or to benchmark data; and

  • Create custom PDF reports of any segmentation of survey data.

The Engage ANALYTICS dashboard has 5 main tabs (or menu items):


1 Summary of Survey Results menu summary

Aggregate survey results at organizational as well as business unit level, including top/bottom scoring survey questions and results per demography.

2 Visualizing data with a Heatmap menu heatmap

View and compare the survey results of regions, departments and teams (business units)

3 Survey Model & Questions menu questions

Birds-eye view of the survey model – drill down to explore the survey results of individual survey questions, grouped per survey dimension or construct.

4 Comparisons of Survey Results menu compare

Compare the survey results – per survey dimension or construct and question – of any demographic permutation and/or region, department and team.

5 Survey Participation Data menu participate

View the survey participation rates and demographic breakdown for the organization overall as well as for the different regions, departments and teams.

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