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Side-by-side Comparisons

The Comparisons page will allow you to compare different subsets or permutations of survey data by means of up to 3 side-by-side columns.


8 compare menu 

A different dataset can be selected for each column, and filters can be set for the units and sub-units as well as for any permutation of demographic data. User-defined headings can also be entered for each column.


8 compare layout 

1. Maximize/minimize the filter panel – click on the arrow to minimize the filter panel for a more concise view of the comparative results, and click on it again to open the filter panel for editing purposes.
2. Column heading – type in a short description of the column that will be displayed for context if the filter panel has been minimized.
3. Survey dataset – select a survey dataset for the column that should be used for comparison purposes. Please note that comparisons can only be made between datasets of the same survey model, e.g. to compare the 2019 Engagement Survey results to the 2016 Engagement Survey results. To select a different survey model, click on the Survey Model option in the side panel.
4. Business unit filter – select one or more business units to be included in the column.
5. Demographic filter – select the demographic attributes to be included in the column.
6. Number of survey responses – the number of survey responses based on the active business unit and demographic filters will be displayed.
7. Remove a column – reset the filters and close the current column.
8. Add a column – add a column and open the filter dialogue.


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