Conducting employee surveys, such as engagement or employee wellbeing, can often be a source of frustration when it comes to analyzing and presenting the survey results. 

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We have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the scales used in our organization-wide engagement surveys at Mindset and wish to present the findings confirming the high level of reliability of these scales. The report also suggests areas for continuous improvement to maintain and enhance the quality of our survey tools.

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The Flow@Work and Engaged@Way-of-Work benchmark data have been updated to reflect the latest aggregate survey scores and engagement levels of the ±110 000 survey responses received over the past few years.

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Engagement surveys and leadership assessments are essential components of any sizable organization's efforts to enhance productivity and performance. However, to ensure sustainable engagement over time, it is crucial engagement survey results are mapped down to team level so managers can be held accountable for the engagement levels of their team members.

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Organizations of all sizes face significant challenges when it comes to retaining top talent and managing the shift in the way we work – even more so in case of large enterprises and multinationals in the new-way-of-work. McKinsey’s latest State of Organisations 2023 report states that 39% of respondents say they plan to leave their jobs in the next 3 - 6 months. 

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